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Top Fastest Mobility Scooters of 2023

October 10, 2022 6 min read

Top Fastest Mobility Scooters of 2023



When purchasing a mobility scooter, speed might not necessarily be a top priority. But fast mobility scooters offer a host of other benefits, including longer battery range and higher weight capacity.

Why is Speed important?

Let’s look at some of the advantages of a fast mobility scooter.

You Can Save Time

Do you wish there were more hours in a day? You might have days with activities planned, where you have to travel to meetings or have appointments. Having a fast mobility scooter can free up more minutes by reducing your travel time.

You Can Travel Long Distances

Many of the fast mobility scooters we cover in this article are able to cover a long distance in a short amount of time. These distances can be covered without having to worry about how long the battery will last.

Enjoyable Ride

Although a fast mobility scooter is not as fast as a sports car, or offer the same thrill, having one will definitely enhance your enjoyment.

1. E-Wheels EW-36 3-Wheel Scooter

If you like speed, then the EW-36 is a great mobility scooter to own. It has a maximum speed of 18 mph, allowing you to get to your destination in a flash.

Speed can be controlled with the variable speed control by twisting the throttle, allowing you to set the desired speed.

Do you want to go up steep inclines? Not a problem at all with the EW-36. This unit has a 20-degree incline rating.

The seat is soft and comfortable and is made of high-quality material. It has a weight capacity of 350 pounds and a turning radius of 50-inches.

The EW-36 also comes with electromagnetic brakes, an important safety feature for a fast mobility scooter such as this one. The wheels are 15-inch pneumatics. There are shock absorbers on the rear wheels, which allows for a great and smooth ride no matter what terrain you are on.

This mobility scooter has a 48V sealed lead-acid battery, giving you a driving range of 45 miles per charge. However, keep in mind that there are a few factors that can impact how many miles you get out of a single charge, such as the surface you are travelling on or the weight of the rider.

The EW-36 comes in 5 beautiful colors and has a lockable glove compartment as well as a lockable storage unit located under the seat. For added safety it is equipped with an anti-theft alarm system.

2. E-Wheels EW-72 Bariatric 4-Wheel Scooter - 500 pounds

The EWheels EW-72, just like the EW-36, is stylish and fast. It has a maximum speed of 15 mph. The only noticeable difference between the EW-36 and EW-72 is that the EW-72 is a four-wheeler.

Not only is this mobility scooter fast, it also allows you to go slower because it has ½ mph increments, with its variable speed dial feature. The four wheels – 14-inch front and 16-inch rear – gives it added stability, ideal for using both indoors and outdoors.

It has a 700W hub motor and a 48V 20Ah battery system, giving it enough power to carry a high weight of 500 pounds. The motor is a brushless transaxle electric motor, meaning that this scooter barely makes any noise.

The EW-72 is also equipped with dual rear shock absorbers, while the E-ABS front, and rear braking system is for added safety. At 43 miles the driving range is similar to the EW-36. It also has an anti-roll bar on the front and back for safety during bumpy rides.

It has a rear-wheel-drive system, a turning radius of 92-inches, a high ground clearance of 8.5-inches and comes in 3 color options.

3. EWheels EW-14 Four Wheel Scooter

The EW-14 is also a four-wheeler with a maximum speed of 15 mph. What makes this scooter so unique is its look, resembling that of a motorcycle with 4 wheels. Its driving range is slightly less at 40 miles per single charge.

It comes with 3 speed settings: low, medium and high, and front and rear brake levers and drum brakes. All the wheels are 15-inches in size. The wheels are equipped with front and rear suspension and heavy-duty shocks.

As with all EWheels mobility scooters, safety is a priority. The EW-14 is equipped with an anti-theft alarm system and a keyless fob.

It has a powerful 500W transaxle brushless motor and a 48V 20Ah battery system ideal for a mobility scooter with a weight capacity of 350 pounds. It also has a 12-degree incline rating, a ground clearance of 6.5-inch, and comes in 2 color options.

4. E-Wheels EW-11 Euro 3-Wheel Scooter

The EW-11 is a three-wheeler, and at 12 mph it has the lowest speed of the four EWheels mobility scooters we recommend. However, it has a different and distinctive look. One of its unique features is its folding footrest to accommodate a second passenger.

This mobility scooter has a driving range of 40 miles per single charge. The weight capacity is slightly higher than the EW-14 at 400 pounds, but with a slightly lower ground clearance at 5-inch. The EW-11 is also equipped with a keyless anti-theft alarm system.

The EW-11 has 16-inch wheels with dual shock absorbers and suspension. It runs on two 12V sealed lead acid batteries. It is also equipped with a storage unit under the seat, a removable one in the rear and one in the front.

5. AFIKIM Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Scooter

The Afiscooter S4 is a four-wheel mobility scooter with a lot of stability. It has a maximum speed of 9.3 mph and a driving range of 28 miles.

The wheels,12-inch front and 16.8-inch rear, are designed in such a way that they grip the surface, enabling you to glide across rough surfaces without effort. The S4 is made with a shock absorbing steel frame and a great suspension system.

The Afiscooter S4 has a very powerful 1400W motor that can support up to 450 pounds in weight. The powerful motor coupled with the fact that it is a rear wheel drive that runs from a 70AMP battery, easily propels this mobility scooter up hilly slopes with a 11.3-degree incline rating.

The seat is orthopedic, and at 18-inches it is quite wide and very comfortable. You can add a canopy or windshield for increased comfort and to protect you from the elements.

The Afiscooter S4 comes with a small front compartment for storing your personal belongings. There is also a bigger lockable rear storage unit for storing away larger items.

This unit has a turning radius of 90-inch, and ground clearance of 5-inch.

6. AFIKIM Afiscooter S 3-Wheel Scooter

The Afiscooter S3 is a three-wheel mobility scooter, similar to the Afiscooter S4 in every respect except the following:

Whereas the S4 has a turning radius of 90-inch, the S3 has a smaller turning radius of 56-inch, meaning that it is able to maneuver in tight spaces better than the S4. The S3 also has a higher incline rating of 20-degrees. All the wheels of the S3 are 16.8-inch in size.

7. Merits S941L Silverado Extreme Bariatric Scooter - 450 lbs

The Silverado S941L by Merits Health is a heavy-duty four-wheel mobility scooter with a maximum speed of 9.6 mph. Apart from its sporty, trendy looks the Silverado S941L has an impressive driving range of 55 miles per single charge, which is currently the greatest range available on the market.

It comes with 2 powerful 100Ah batteries, giving it that 9.6 mph boost in speed. The Silverado S941L is ideal for outdoor use. It has extra-large 16-inch rear and 14-inch front wheels and a turning radius of 82.7-inches.

This mobility scooter is extremely stable, partly due to its big wheels but also because of its 5-inch ground clearance. It has a 10-degree incline rating, allowing you to ride the Silverado up hilly slopes or rough terrain without hassle. 

It is equipped with a complete suspension system and shock absorbers, ensuring that your ride is smooth when you venture over uneven terrain. The Silverado has a weight capacity of 450 pounds.

The seat is a comfortable captain’s seat with an adjustable headrest and width and height adjustable armrests. An outstanding feature of the Silverado S941L is its ability to reduce your speed by half when you turn, making sure that you stay in control.

Financing Available

Are there financing options available?

Yes, most of the mobility scooters in our online store are eligible for financing through our partnership with Klarna, which offers 0% interest rates and great terms for those who qualify! This makes it easy and affordable to get the mobility device that you need to stay independent and connected as you age or deal with a disability.

Whether you need help covering the cost of your initial purchase or simply want to make monthly payments, mobility scooters are accessible for most budgets.

So, if you're looking for an electric scooter or wheelchair that can help you maintain your independence, be sure to explore the financing options available for each model. At the top of each product page, you’ll find a financing button. Simply click on it to learn more and prequalify!

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