Top Power Wheelchairs of 2020

June 23, 2020 4 min read 2 Comments

Merits Health EZ GO Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchairs are popular among people who cannot move without someone’s assistance because of any disability, accident, or pain. A power wheelchair helps people to move across their house, street, or workplace with comfort. When it comes to buying a Power wheelchair people often consider some basic features and factors to make the best deal for themselves. We discuss these considerations briefly in our previous articles. If you wish to purchase a Power wheelchair then you want to buy among top Power wheelchairs trending. These Power wheelchairs are extraordinary in their comfort, safety, design, and power. Their amazing features with all modern tech are second to none. 

Everlasting mobility being a company with his expertise in Power wheelchair offers some of the most delicate Power wheelchairs of 2020. With our knowledge, and experience with Power wheelchairs, we guarantee that these Power wheelchairs are the best trending wheelchairs.

Some of the amazing power wheelchairs include:

  • Shoprider Jimmie Lightweight Wheelchair
  • Merits Health Junior Power wheelchair
  • EZ- GO Power Wheelchair P321 by Merits Health
  • Shoprider streamer sport wheelchair
  • EW- M47 HD folding Power wheelchair
  • Merits Health P322 Vision CF Power wheelchair
  • Shoprider Smartie Lightweight Wheelchair
  • Merits Health Gemini Heavy-duty Power wheelchair
  • Shoprider 6Runner 10 Power wheelchair
  • EV Rider Vision With Rehab Elevating Seat (Heartway P13 Vision)
  • Shoprider XLR Plus Power wheelchair

Although there are many more featured Power wheelchairs, they are the best among them. All of these are available at Everlasting mobility, our experience and customer’s feedback tells us that these Power wheelchairs are all you need for yourself or your loved ones.

Shoprider Jimmie Lightweight Wheelchair:

Shoprider is a famous manufacturer of Power wheelchairs. They are famous for their design, durability, and comfort. Shoprider Jimmie is a state of the art Shoprider Jimmie with 12Ah battery, which can take up to 10 miles on a one-time charge. Shoprider Jimmie can endure weight up to 250 lbs. Its extraordinary captain style comfortable seat with amazing armrest is among its best features. Jimmie is available at Everlasting mobility with an amazing discount offer. 

Merits Health Junior Power Wheelchair:

Merits health is also a reliable name among Power wheelchair manufacturers. Merits Health offers this amazing Junior Power wheelchair with its beautiful design and body structure. Junior power has 300 lbs of weight capacity. Its motor of 120W with its two 12V22A batteries, Junior power is a powerful machine with extraordinary power. Its comfortable seat and its strong controls and sensitive braking system enable its quality to several folds. If you want this amazing compact Power wheelchair along with you then Everlasting mobility is the right place for you. 

EZ- GO Power Wheelchair P321 by Merits Health:

If you want a powerful motor with a long-lasting battery under the lightweight body structure of your Power wheelchair then EZ GO P321 is all you need. This high tech machine is manufactured by Merits Health with some exceptional material. EZ-GO P321 has a 90 W motor with 12V-15V batteries, which can take you up to 9 miles at 4 miles per hour speed. Its comfortable seat and armrest are set for a comfortable ride. When it comes to safety and control EZ-GO P321 has an amazing braking system, with extremely sensitive controls to make your ride safe and smooth. Like other products of Merits Health, you can also find this Mobility scooter EZ-GO P321 at Everlasting Mobility. Available in standard and Deluxe Versions. 

Shoprider Streamer Sports Wheelchair:

This Streamer sports wheelchair of Shoprider is a high-tech Power wheelchair. The Streamer Sports wheelchair has an amazing battery, which can range up to 10 miles of ride with a one-time charge with speed up to 5 miles per hour. This amazing machine is capable of weight capacity up to 300 lbs. Shoprider Streamer Sports wheelchair has an amazing feature of its durability with both indoor and outdoor use. This Streamer Sports wheelchair besides its battery capacity and durability is also popular because of its comfortable captain style seat and armrest. Streamer Sports also has an adjustable footrest, which helps you be in a comfortable posture. Shoprider Streamer Sports wheelchair is available at Everlasting Mobility.

EW- M47 HD Folding Power Wheelchair:

E wheels is also a reputed name among Power wheelchair manufacturers. Some buyers of Power wheelchair want a folding Power wheelchair to make it easy for them to transfer it to different places. This amazing EW-M47 HD folding Power wheelchair has an amazing structure with beautiful design and powerful motor. Its battery can last up to 15 miles of ride in a single charge with speed up to 5 miles. Its folding feature best suits its other features and makes it among the buyer’s best choices. EW M47 HD is also available at Everlasting mobility at a discounted price. Everlasting mobility ’s fast and secure delivery system will surely satisfy you with Everlasting mobility ’s service.

Merits Health P322 Vision CF Power Wheelchair:

Powerful motor, heavy-duty battery, elegant design, and strong body structure this all Merit Health’s P322 vision CF has. With the motor of 130W, and battery ranging up to incredible 18 miles with one charge makes it a best quality Power wheelchair. When it comes to the control and safety of this amazing P322 vision it has one of the most advanced Dynamic Linx controlling systems, with its sensitive control to make sure that your ride is smooth and safe. This amazing P322 vision never disappoints you with its quality and premium comfort level. This beautiful machine can be bought at Everlasting mobility at a discounted price.

Rest of the power wheelchairs, which are in the list of Top Power wheelchair among best in their type. You can go through each of them and many more on our website. We Everlasting mobility is experiencing our customer’s feedback for years, and with the help of that feedback, and our understanding of Power wheelchair’s market dynamics we recommend all of the above-discussed Power wheelchairs as best among our product portfolio. If you find us worthy of your trust and money, then go ahead and make your money worth your time. Because of Everlasting mobility, we are serving our valuable customers for years and with their valuable feedback, we are enhancing our services to make your experience with us as a lifetime member.

Check out our Power Chair collection here:

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Waed Ali

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