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EWheels Scooter

Ewheels Scooters have become our community favorite. Ewheels is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of quality, high performance electric powered scooters with their patented technology. Ewheels objectives are to build products that offer cost effective, emissions free alternatives to other forms of transportation for commuting, sport, and recreation.

We love that each Ewheels scooter is designed and built to last. We love the unique designs that we have not found elsewhere! With quality construction, design, and top rated performance, we feel that Ewheels scooters offer the best overall value in the market today. 

You can always count on Ewheels quality and style to get you where you need to go! Read More.

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Which EWheels Electric Mobility Scooter is right for you?

EWheels carries electric scooters and wheelchairs for medical and recreational needs. EWheels offers 23 different models to choose from.

When choosing an electric mobility scooter from EWheels, you'll first want to see whether you want a recreational scooter or a medical scooter. Don't worry, we've made it easy for you.

Recreational Scooters
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Feature faster top speeds & longer driving ranges
  • Designed for fun driving and sheer pleasure

Recreational scooters tend to have much faster top speeds than medical scooters. They are more stylish and fun to drive. The possibilities are endless with a recreational scooter!

Scroll down to bottom of page to see all Ewheels Recreational Scooters.

Medical Scooters
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Lower top speeds for better control and safety
  • Easy to operate

Medical scooters are safer and easier to operate with lower top speeds. They do not accelerate as fast as recreational scooters giving you ,more ease of mind. Great for indoor and outdoor use!

Scroll down to bottom of page to see all Medical Scooters. All scooters with an M prior to the model number are medical scoters.

EWheels Electric Scooters: Best Sellers

With so many Ewheels scooters, it can be confusing to see which one is right for you. We have put together the top Ewheels Electric Scooters for you. To see all Ewheels electric scooters, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

EWheels M34 Travel Medical Scooter

BEEP BEEP! Make way for your shiny new ride! The EW M34 scooter is a must-get! Get yourself places zippity-zap while riding one of the best value, longest-range and lightest-weight four-wheel travel scooter that's in the market today!

The EWheels Medical Scooter M34 is their top selling medical scooter.

EWheels scooter - M34 Travel Scooter - check latest price

EWheels EW 36 Recreational Scooter

If you are looking for an Ewheels 3 wheel scooter, the EW-36 is one of the most popular scooters on the market. It has a battery range of 43 miles and goes as fast as 18 miles per hour!

EWheels EW 46 Recreational Scooter

EWheels top selling four wheel scooter is the EW-46. The EW-46 recreational scooter has a large captain seat making it one of the most comfortable rides on the market, and can hold up to 400 pounds!
Drive up to 13 mph for up to 35 miles on a single charge with EWheels highly anticipated EW-46. This fun-to-drive electric scooter mobility scooter features front and rear suspension for a smoother ride, while 16” pneumatic tires allow you to drive effortlessly over varied terrain.

    Top Reasons You Need An Ewheels Electric Mobility Scooter

    • You want freedom and independence. It can be very lonely and isolating if you have a struggle getting around and have to rely on others. Ewheels scooters are high-quality scooters that will let you go about your day-to-day activities so you can do anything you want!
    • You want to stay active without risking injury.  Do you have balance problems and experience pain staying active?  An Ewheels mobility scooter can help you avoid injury as it can provide balance and stability. No need to worry about losing balance while walking or not being able to get around without pain.
    • You have trouble walking around. Many things can get in the way of us being able to walk longer distances, or even walk at all. Whether it's aging, injury, or an illness preventing us from walking, an Ewheels mobility scooter can help us do just that. 
    • You don't want to be a burden on your family. The biggest one many have trouble with is relying on family and loved ones for their mobility. Mobility scooters will take away that burden!
    • You want to enjoy the outdoors. Want to attend all your kid's events and enjoy all your favorite activities? No need to worry about traveling and enjoy your time outdoors as well as attend any event with the right mobility scooter.
    You'll know that you are getting your EWheels scooters at the lowest price anywhere, thanks to Everlasting Mobility's Price Match Guarantee and no sales tax! With FREE shipping and financing available, you can enjoy the EWheels Scooters right away!