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EWheels EW-M45 Folding Power Wheelchair

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EW-M45 Folding Electric Wheelchair by EWheels

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The EWheels EW-M45 is a folding power chair that was designed to be easy to transport and lightweight. This electric chair is ideal for those who have an active lifestyle and are constantly on the move.


The EW-M45 makes transporting your folding electric wheelchair a breeze.  This electric chair can be folded in seconds, down to 23" x 13" x 31", making it easy to store in the trunk of your car or in small locations. Plus it weighs just under 59 pounds, making it one of the lightest units of its kind. 


E-Wheels EW-M45 Folding


The EW-M45 has a 400-pound weight capacity. That's more than 100 pounds more than equivalent products from the competition. In addition to its high weight capacity, this device has a 31" turning radius, making it easy to maneuver through tight places and around corners.

Because of its 8" front wheels and 12" rear wheels, this device can handle both indoor and outdoor terrain, offering the user additional grip when tackling rough surfaces.


EWheels EW-M45 Folding Power Wheelchair Side View


The EW-M45 has a 3.7 mph top speed, which is usual for a portable power wheelchair of its type, but its astounding 15.5 mile battery range really sets it apart. This unit has a range that is nearly double that of other comparable devices.

It also has a 19" wide seat for maximum comfort and simplicity of use. This is one of the most dependable electric-powered folding wheelchairs on the market today, with an EWheels warranty to back it up. In fact, EWheels offers its own dedicated technical support team to assist you in resolving any issues or answering any product-specific queries.


EWheels EW-M45 Folding Power Wheelchair Front View E-Wheels EW-M45 Battery Box


EWheels EW-M45 FEATU:

  • Range of 15.5 miles
  • Intelligent Electromagnetic Brake
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Folding Size: 23”x13”x31”


      • Top Speed: 3.7 mph
      • Range: 15.5 miles
      • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
      • Turning Radius: 31”
      • Weight: 59 lbs.

        Why you should consider buying the EW-M45 Folding Wheelchair

        The EW-M45 is not only one of our staff favorites, but also a community favorite. With a range of 15.5 miles per single charge on its lithium batteries, you can enjoy riding the EW-M45 all day! Only weighing 59 lbs., you can take it anywhere you go.

        EWheels EW-M45 Order details

        You'll know that you are getting the EW-M45 at the lowest price anywhere, thanks to Everlasting Mobility's Price Match Guarantee and no sales tax! With FREE shipping and financing available, you can enjoy the E-Wheels Folding Wheelchair right away!

              EWheels EW-M45 Specifications

              Maximum Speed: 3.7 mph
              Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
              Travel Range: 15.5 miles
              Unfolding Size: 38”x23”x37"
              Folding Size: 23”x13”x31”
              Motor Size: Two 180W Brushless Motors
              Battery Size: Two 12V/6AH Lithium Batteries
              Brake: Intelligent Electromagnetic Brake
              Wheels: Front: 8” solid / Rear:12.5” solid
              Seat Width: 19”
              Seat Depth: 17”
              Seat Height: 18”
              Turning Radius: 31”
              Ground Clearance: 3” at Motor
              Weight w/ Batteries: 59 lbs.




              Warranty Information for the M45 Lightweight Power Wheelchair

              This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of the product. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other legal rights which vary from state to state.

              3 Years - Frame components: including platform, seat post, and frame

              1 Year - Electronic components

              6 Months - Batteries

              WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS: This warranty is only given to the original purchaser of the Scooter.

              This Warranty excludes: 

              Battery Charger: The charger carries a 30 day warranty.  

              Consumable items which may need replacing due to normal wear and tear (tires, tubes, belts, bulbs, upholstery and seating, throttle, brakes, motor brushes, fuses, plastic shrouds and footrest covers)

              Damaged caused by: battery fluid spillage or leakage, abuse, misuse, accident, negligence, improper operation, excessive loading, maintenance, storage, commercial use, or use other than normal.

              Used other than for the purpose of the purchaser’s mobility. 

              Repairs and/or modifications made to any part of the scooter without specific and prior consent from E-Wheels.

              Batteries: Batteries carry a limited warranty which is subject to a stringent wear and tear clause. Any battery faults due to a defect in the original manufacture will normally become obvious within the first two months of use. Any gradual deterioration in performance after this period is normally associated with fair wear and tear, misuse or accidental damage and as such is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. There is no other express warranty.

              In-Home Labor Service Plan    Eligible Models  EW-M33, EW-M34, EW-M35, EW-M39, EW-M40, EW-M41, EW-M43, EW-M45,  EW-M47, EW-M49, EW-M50.     1-Year Labor Warranty  One Year from the date of purchase, includes in-home labor for the first technician  service call for the installation of warranty parts.      HOW TO MAKE A LABOR WARRANTY CLAIM:     Initiating A Warranty Claim  To initiate a labor warranty claim, contact Ewheels service department at 888-571-2845,  or “”. Before a technician is dispatched, troubleshooting  with EWheels service department is required, once completed a service technician will  be scheduled.    Time Frame  A service technician will be scheduled to visit your home in a timely manner based on  your geographic location.  The majority of repairs take less than 7 business days to  complete, while repairs in more rural areas can take slightly longer.       WARRANTY EXCEPTIONS AND EXCLUSIONS: 
                Consumable items which need replacing due to normal wear and tearbatteries,  chargers, tires, tubes, lights, chains, upholstery and seating, brakes and brake pads,  cables, fuses, motor brushes, buttons, shrouds and covers        Damage, Accidental Damage and Misuse  Damaged caused by: battery fluid spillage or leakage, abuse, misuse, accident, storms,  fires, negligence, improper operation, excessive loading, maintenance, storage,  commercial use, or use other than normal, extreme riding, modifications and alterations.  EWheels reserves the right to void a manufacturer warranty due to abuse, neglect or  user error. If it is determined that the scooter was abused, neglected or damaged, you  will be responsible for the entire cost of the technician visit.     The product is to be used for its intended purpose as described in the products owner’s  manual. If it is determined that the products warranty has been voided through your  actions, than the 1-year in-home labor service plan will not be provided and your service  contract will not be refunded.     Original Owner Only  The 1-year in-home service plan is only available to the original owner. The service plan  is also only available within the continental United States.    Replacement Product  We cannot provide a replacement product while your unit is waiting for repair.    Subsequent Visits  This warranty covers the complete labor cost of a technician’s first visit to replace an  item covered under warranty. Subsequent visits are offered at a discounted rate as   Follows:    2nd Visit - $50  3rd Visit - $100  4th Visit + - Actual Cost    Rural Remote Areas  Remote areas will be subject to a $100 per trip travel surcharge which must be paid  prior to a technician being dispatched to your home.     Shipping  Warranty parts will be shipped by FedEx ground, you are responsible for the part  shipping cost. If expedited shipping is requested, you are responsible for the expedited  shipping costs.  


                  Shipping is FAST & FREE in the United States Only.  Read our full Shipping Policy here. 

                  We offer market leading 30 Day Easy Returns for anyone that qualifies for a return.  Read more about our Returns Policy here. 

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                  Deegan T

                  I use this everyday and everywhere I go now! I love the orange one! its so different!

                  Jordin M
                  Battery Life

                  range is so much longer than i expected, it lasts forever! I wanted a wheelchair with lithum batteries and this was perfect for me

                  Naima I.
                  Will recommend

                  Highly recmmend the M45 by Ewheels. Thank u Everlasting Mobility

                  Kendall S
                  Answered Questions

                  Had a lot of questions about the M45 wheelchair but everything was answered and it came out exactly how it was explained to us. Thank u

                  Deangelo W
                  Fully accessible

                  Can't believe the Ewheels m45 price was so low for all it comes with!

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