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The Ultimate Guide To Mobility Scooter Tires

December 30, 2022 5 min read

The Ultimate Guide To Mobility Scooter Tires

Tires are what gives your mobility scooter foundation. They connect your scooter with the ground. There are two common types of mobility scooter tires: solid or airless tires and pneumatic or air-filled tires. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The choice between solid and air-filled tires largely depends on the user and the pattern of use. Plus, some mobility scooter brands only support one type of tire. However, in most cases there is an option to what type of tire to use. We will dive into understanding each of these types of tires.

Solid Tires For Mobility Scooters

Solid tires are filled with rubber or polyurethane foam, which makes them heavier than pneumatics. They are not as comfortable as pneumatics because they are so stiff.

Their disadvantage is that they wear out quicker than pneumatic tires because they are made with hard plastics which are not that durable. The surface friction erodes the tire over time especially if you constantly ride on rough surfaces.

Solid tires have to be replaced more frequently than pneumatics. On top of that they are more difficult to replace than pneumatics because of how they are attached and because of their weight.

Pneumatic Tires For Mobility Scooters

Pneumatics are more common than solid tires and can also be found on cars and bicycles. They come in two types, inner tube and tubeless tires. They are both made of a hardened rubber shell with, in most cases, a softer rubber inner tube on the inside. The inner tube has air, filled to a specific pressure and there is a valve stem sticking out of the tire for pumping air into the tube.

These tires have a much smoother ride than solid tires because they absorb shock so well. The air and rubber conform to the terrain you are riding on causing a smooth soft feeling. Pneumatics also offer better traction which makes it easier to brake, pick up speed or steer.

Their disadvantage is that because they are air-filled, they can pop and become flat, but in that case you also have the option of using thorn resistant heavy-duty inner tube.

i) Tubeless Pneumatics

Tubeless pneumatics are strong since they are air-sealed and reinforced. However, they are more expensive because of their heavy-duty structure and their resistance to tearing and wear.

ii) Pneumatic Tube Tires

These types of tires come with a tire as well as an inner tube that holds the air. The air allows the wheel to roll without causing any distortion to the tire. Thus, they are safer than tubeless tires. They are also easier to repair since all you need is a basic bike tube repair kit.

iii) Foam Filled Pneumatic Tires

This type of tire is grey in color and is filled with foam. They do not require air and are flat free and maintenance free. They come in various sizes and therefore you can choose what works for you. One drawback is that they are difficult to install, which means that you will need professional help.

Pneumatic Tires vs Solid Tires

The air in pneumatic tires basically provide extra cushioning and is a supplement to the suspension system of the scooter, while in certain models it acts as the suspension. However, their main drawback is that they do become flat.

Some people prefer solid tires, as they do not have the same problems pneumatics have. The tradeoff being that the ride is stiff, they are more difficult to replace, and they wear down quicker.

Honeycomb or Hybrid Tires

These types of tires are not as popular with mobility scooter manufacturers and are most often used with e-scooters. They offer a combination of solid tires and pneumatics. Hybrids are made of rubber with a ribbed construction to keep it intact.

The tire has air pockets that offer more cushion than normal solid tires. They are lighter than solid tires but not as light as air tires. These tires cannot be punctured and have better maneuverability and bump resistance. However, they are more expensive.  

Consequences Of Selecting The Wrong Tires

If you use the wrong mobility scooter tire you will wear down the tire’s lifespan, which not only affects how well your tires perform but also how well your mobility scooter performs. No matter which of the two you choose, always make sure that they are compatible with your mobility scooter. If you don’t you might damage your mobility scooter or even injure yourself.

How To Maintain Your Mobility Scooter Tires

Check your mobility scooter tires before using it, just as you would with a car. Tires can lose traction or crack and you will only be able to see that something is wrong if you regularly inspect.  

We recommend that you practice changing the tire when you first get the scooter so that you feel comfortable doing it when it is needed.

Which Type Of Tire To Buy

In order to buy a new set of mobility scooter tires you should know the following: the size, brand, model and thread pattern of your scooter.

i) The Tire Size

To determine the size of a mobility scooter tire you should look at the sidewall. If you are replacing pneumatic tires with foam filled tires, you would need the current tires bead width. In most circumstances the tire width size is the value for the rim.

Also, make sure to contact the manufacturer for help in determining what size will fit your rim. It is not advisable to change the size that came with your scooter since manufacturers designed the tire size specifically for that model. Changing it could endanger your safety.

ii) The Thread Patterns

The thread pattern of your mobility scooter tire is also written on the sidewall of the tire. The number is normally preceded by a letter. Most thread pattern numbers are also listed in the product description for the tires.


A mobility scooter is a personal powered mobility device; it falls somewhere between an electric wheelchair and a golf cart. When deciding which type of tire to choose, keep certain things in mind, including where you are planning on using it the most, how much combined weight you will carry and how well you can maintain it.

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