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Best Portable Power Wheelchairs For Sale

The best portable electric wheelchairs are lightweight, fold up easily, and power your life like never before!

Many people experiencing mobility issues just want to get back to the things that they enjoy most, like traveling to a new place or rejuvenating themselves in nature. Larger, heavier-duty chairs may not be the best choice for those who love to be on the go. The best portable electric wheelchair is lightweight, folds easily, and is airplane friendly meaning they can be checked in, stowed with your luggage and easily reclaimed at your destination. Like most categories of wheelchair, there are many designs and features to choose from. Here are some of our customer favorites: Read More.

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Merits P320 Junior

Love to travel? The Merits P320 Junior has a compact design, a lightweight frame and is super easy to disassemble. This great wheelchair has a dynamic rear-wheel drive motor system and can support up to 300 pounds.

The P320 Junior is one of the smaller rear-wheel drive chairs made today making it ideal for active people. The unit can be broken down into 3 manageable pieces, the seat, the battery, and the base.

The Merits P320 Junior is made for people who prefer a less wieldy vehicle to get around. It has a fantastic 23” turning radius so going around corners and moving in tight spaces is facilitated.

The P320 Junior has an 18-inch wide padded chair with an adjustable removeable headrest. The seat swivels, as well, for quick and easy exit and entry or just plain comfortable table dining.

All of Merits power wheelchairs have armrests that flip up and out of the way, but the armrests also have width and height customization options. The P320 Junior’s PGVIR2 controller can make quick speed adjustments and the overall movement control is simple. The charging plug is right under the controller or you can easily remove the battery and charge separately.

The Merits P320 Junior has a range of 12.5 miles and travels at a max rate of 4.5 miles per hour. It sports 10-inch wheels, has a lower seat height for easier transfer and comes with red and blue interchangeable color panels. What style!

Drive Titan LTE

Another powerful choice in the portable electric wheelchair category is the Drive Medical Drive Titan LTE. This portable powerchair will get you moving! Nothing is easier to do than breaking down this powerchair into four different pieces, the heaviest weighing only 39 pounds! You can break the chair down without the need for tools, place them in any standard size vehicle trunk, and reconcile them upon arriving. Like the previous model by Merits, this model by Drive Medical also has interchangeable red and blue color panels.

One of the leading manufacturers in this industry, Drive Medical designs chairs with size in mind. The Titan LTE is made specifically for the average user to transport and travel with ease. It’s a tiny bucket of power. Let’s roll!

This compact unit can support up to 300 pounds, which is unusual for its size. Similar to other portable power wheelchairs, it has a swivel seat and flip up armrests, but what makes this unit different is its ability to troubleshoot or diagnose mechanical issues using blue tooth technology.

Merits P321 EZ Go

Merits hits the stage again! The Merits P321 EZ Go powerchair is a best seller in this division with this upgraded version from their standard model. This deluxe wheelchair can hold up to 300 pounds and has a battery range of 12 miles on a single charge. It can be broken down into 3 manageable parts and fits into any standard sized vehicle trunk. It has push-button disassembly making break down effortless.

The seat folds compactly, the armrests have changeable height and width options and the joystick can be installed on either side of the chair depending on the user’s dominant hand. It has a turning radius of 23” making it easy to maneuver indoors with only 2 feet needed to turn around. The Merits EZ-Go Deluxe also comes in additional colors besides red and blue so you can more clearly express your personal style. It’s time to get out there and socialize!

Unique to this model is the accessory port that supports many universal accessories. The standard 1-inch receiver hitch works accommodates oxygen tank holders, umbrella or cane holders, and much much more.

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Portable electric wheelchairs are lightweight, fold up easily, and power your life like never before!

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