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Best Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chairs For Sale

Power wheelchairs come in different drive wheel arrangements such as front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and mid-wheel drive. Each feature is based on differing needs.

Mid-wheel drive electric wheelchairs are some of the easiest chairs to navigate. You can turn in small spaces like a bedroom or hallway and can easily find traction when zooming around outdoors. The mid-wheel configuration is considered the most stable out of all the configurations. They are equipped with 6 wheels total (two of which are the mid-drive wheels) giving a better grip on surfaces. Side-slopes and inclines are intuitively traversed allowing more independence and confidence to the driver. Read More.

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Merits P327

One of the top selling mid-wheel drive electric chairs here at Everlasting Mobility is the Merits P327 Vision super heavy-duty electric wheelchair. This powerhouse of durability and comfort delivers full front and rear suspension and a 22-inch wide Captain’s chair. It has a support capacity of 450 pounds and goes up to 5 mph. The backrest semi-reclines for added ease. The 12-inch pneumatic drive wheels are placed with optimum weight distribution in mind and duel in-line motors installed for enhanced torque. These work together for a smooth ride even over curbs or other difficult terrain.

The Merits P327 Vision wheelchair has an incredible 20.7 inch turning radius for those small spaces. The electromagnetic brakes provide intuitive and regenerative stopping.

Finally, the Merits P327 Vision has fully programmable controls with an off-board charger. Available options include a N22 battery, elevating leg rests, gel cushioning, swing away armrests, and even an oxygen tank holder!

EWheels M48

Comparably, another great choice is found in the EWheels M48 power wheelchair. The price point on this electric wheelchair is less expensive, but still manages to deliver outstanding quality. 10-inch front wheels are positioned near the user’s center of gravity making it spectacular at moving on varied surfaces.

Comfort is key. The M48 has a 20-inch adjustable easy chair which swivels, making it easier to get in and out of. The seat can also be removed if needed. The armrests can be flipped up and out of the way.

The EWheels M48 has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds and goes up to 4.2 mph. Your day can continue rolling along with 14.2 miles range on a single charge. The turning radius is 24 inches making it easy to move around even in more confined spaces. The footplate can be flipped up and has a 3 angle adjustment capability. When you combine that with its’ suspension system, you have an incredibly comfortable moving machine!

Merits P326A Vision Sport

Besides their P327, Merits has more great mid-wheel drive power chairs. The Merits P326A Vision Sport has numerous advantages including Merits patented articulation tool. This chair is unique because of it’s intelligent braking system. It recoups the kinetic energy lost when braking, extending the mileage and power of the battery.

Like the other chairs mentioned in this category, this electric wheelchair is extremely stable. In fact, the Merits P326A Vision Sport won’t tip over even if the user stands to the rear of the footplate. The Merits P326A Vision Sport has a padded captain’s seat that is adjustable using two levers on the right side of the seat. One controls the incline of the seat and the other controls seat rotation. The armrests can flip up but they can also be adjusted horizontally and vertically, depending on the needs of the user.

It has amazing agility in and around compact spaces and has a low center of gravity. The electromagnetic brakes prevent unwanted rolling while parked and the inline dual motors increase torque and performance. All-in-all this is one magnificent value!

Why Buy Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chairs?

These Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chairs are easy to navigate

Easy to Navigate

Mid-wheel drive electric wheelchairs are some of the easiest chairs to navigate. You can turn in small spaces like a bedroom or hallway and can easily find traction when zooming around outdoors.

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Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chairs come with a great warranty!