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Best Mobility Scooters of 2024

Are you looking for an easier way to find the type of mobility scooter you need? Or perhaps you already know and you are looking for the Best Mobility Scooter?

Is staying active throughout the day getting harder and harder?

When you have to get around all day and want to stay active, using a mobility scooter built specifically for your needs can make the experience pain-free and much more enjoyable.

Mobility Scooters have been around for quite a few years. With upgraded technology every year, there is a mobility scooter that’s just right for everyone.

best mobility scooters - 2021


A mobility scooter is becoming more and more popular as the go to mobility aid today. Each mobility scooter offers a variety of details that can help those with limited mobility regain their independence and freedom back.

Mobility scooters can provide you with newfound freedom when it gets difficult to get through your day to day activities. Many mobility scooter users have found how much more they can do with the right mobility scooter.

Benefits of a Mobility Scooter

  • You want freedom and independence. It can be very lonely and isolating if you have struggle walking and are limited with your mobility. The best mobility scooters will let you go about your day to day activities so you can do anything you want!
  • You want to stay active without risking injury. The best mobility scooter can help you avoid injury as it can provide balance and stability. No need to worry about losing balance while walking or not being able to get around without pain.
  • You have trouble walking around. Many things can get in the way of us being able to walk longer distances, or even walk at all. Whether it's aging, injury, or an illness preventing us from walking, the best mobility scooter can help us get around wherever we want to go.
  • You don't want to be a burden on family. The biggest one many have trouble with is relying on family and loved ones for their mobility. The best mobility scooters will take away that burden!
  • You want to enjoy the outdoors. The best thing a mobility scooter can provide is to make sure you can enjoy your day outdoors and not let your mobility get in the way. No need to worry about traveling and enjoy your time outdoors with the right mobility scooter.

At the bottom of this page, we have put together a list of what to consider when buying a mobility scooter. If you still need help finding the right mobility scooter, please know that we are here to help you every step of the way. We love talking to our customers! Let us know how we can help!

Anyway, let’s get started…

Let’s take a look at the Best Mobility Scooters of 2024….. at any stage you want to check out the full description you can click on the "Check Latest Price" button and it will take you to the full description.

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Folding mobility scooters are the ideal choice for those wanting to live an active lifestyle on the go. Foldable mobility scooters are extremely easy to transport wherever you go as they normally are super easy to disassemble or fold completely without disassembly.

After looking through all the foldable mobility scooters on the market, we narrowed it down to just two. The EV Rider Transport AF+ came close, but the best mobility scooter of 2024 is the Solax Transformer Foldable Mobility Scooter by Enhance Mobility!

Solax Transformer 2 Foldable Mobility Scooter

Enhance Mobility invented the remote controlled folding scooter, and are the absolute best when it comes to folding mobility scooters. The Solax Transformer designed by Enhance Mobility is truly the best in the market today. 

The Solax Transformer can fold and unfold in seconds automatically with remote control! It is lightweight and easy to carry making it ideal for traveling.

It also has a lithium battery for those wanting to take it with you on a plane.

Drive Medical ZooMe Auto-Flex Folding Travel Scooter

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All-terrain mobility scooters can handle every need and handle any situation even outdoors.

There are many things to consider when looking for an outdoor mobility scooter. You want to make sure you consider the size of the tires, large motors, front and rear lights, and most importantly, if it can be used on different surfaces.

With all things considered, we found the best mobility scooter for outdoors in 2024 is the brand new EV Rider VitaXpress!

Afikim mobility scooters have always been amazing outdoors, and we have one of theirs as our honorable mention. The EV Rider came in first place as it provides everything at a much lower price.

EV Rider VitaXpress Recreational Scooter

The VitaXpress is a brand new all terrain mobility scooter and is quickly becoming a popular model and one of our community favorites. Mobility experts love this scooter because of the powerful large 750 watt 4-pole motor with a full suspension.

We love the EV Rider VitaXpress because of its unique modern design and the ability to drive it on all surfaces!

The EV Rider VitaXpress is the best all terrain mobility scooter for outdoors in 2024.

Afikim Afiscooter S4 All Terrain

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Lightweight mobility scooters are an ideal place for those who want a mobility scooter for easy transport and storage. Lightweight mobility scooters are normally designed for everyday indoor use but are extremely lightweight to use as a travel mobility scooter as well.

There were many lightweight mobility scooters to look through. With everything considered, the best lightweight mobility scooter of 2024 is the Triaxe Sport Foldable Travel Scooter. We also included our 2nd best lightweight mobility scooter; the EV Rider Gypsy.

Triaxe Sport Foldable Travel Scooter

Besides its lightweight frame, the Triaxe Sport has many other great features as well. It has a 35 mile range on a single battery charge, with an option to have a travel battery pack for airline travel if needed.

The Triaxe Sport is the best lightweight mobility scooter of 2024

because it's lightweight and can still hold a weight capacity of 350 pounds!

Most lightweight mobility scooters have a low weight capacity, that is why the Triaxe Sport is simply the best lightweight mobility scooter.

It can also fold and unfold in seconds. The 3 wheel makes it extremely easy to maneuver around with its tight turning radius of 33 inches.


EV Rider Gypsy Folding Scooter

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For those looking for a mobility scooter with a tighter turning radius to get around in smaller areas or indoors, then 3 wheel mobility scooters are the go-to choice. Most 3 wheel mobility scooters in the market have less stability than 4 wheel mobility scooters but come with much better turning radius.

We wanted to find a 3 wheel mobility scooter that has all the features and stability as a 4 wheel mobility scooter but also with a great turning radius. After doing deep research, we found the Triaxe Cruze by Enhance Mobility to fit just that!

The best 3 wheel mobility scooter of 2024 is the Triaxe Cruze Foldable Travel Scooter.

Triaxe Cruze Foldable Travel Scooter by Enhance Mobility

The Triaxe Cruze is the best 3 wheel mobility scooter of 2024 because it has the comfort and performance of a full size scooter!

It's also lightweight and has a weight capacity of 350 lbs.

Of course, it comes with a great turning radius of just 30 inches making it the best 3 wheel mobility scooter in the market today.

Drive Ventura 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

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If you prefer a mobility scooter with much more stability and balance, then you may consider a 4 wheel scooter.

This was our hardest decision yet and it came down to choosing the mobility scooter that gives you all the features with keeping the price in mind. We came down to a few great choices that all provided great stability as well as other features.

The best 4 wheel mobility scooter of 2024 is the EWheels EW M34 Mobility Scooter.

EWheels EW M34 Portable Travel Scooter

The EWheels M34 is the best 4 wheel mobility scooter of 2024 because it has all the features all other scooters have but at a very affordable price.

It can also be disassembled into 5 pieces and the heaviest piece is only 28 pounds!

With its unique modern design, this ended up being an easy choice after what we thought was the toughest choice!

EWheels M50 Portable Travel Scooter

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For those looking for a travel scooter to take with them anywhere they like, they must consider the weight of the scooter, its folding capabilities, and also worth considering if the battery is airline friendly.

To be airline friendly, a mobility scooter must carry a lithium battery. Along with that, you must consider if it has all the other things you need.

So what is the best travel mobility scooter? The Mobie Plus Folding Travel Scooter by Enhance Mobility.

There are so many options out there for a travel scooter, so we narrowed it down to those that are airline friendly and come with lithium batteries. The Mobie Plus topped our list.

Mobie Plus Folding Travel Scooter

The Mobie Plus is the best travel mobility scooter of 2024 because it is not only foldable and lightweight for travel, it's also airline friendly.

This travel mobility scooter can fold and unfold in seconds! It also comes with a weight capacity of 300 pounds, much more than most of the other travel mobility scooters.

Best Travel Mobility Scooter - Mobie Plus by Enhance Mobility

Merits Yoga Folding Travel Scooter

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For those on a tighter budget, here is our best affordable scooter! The best affordable mobility scooter of 2024 is the Shoprider Echo 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter.

If you prefer a 4 wheel mobility scooter, we have listed the best affordable option for that as well!

Click the "Check Latest Price" to see a full description of why these were our top choice.

Shoprider Echo 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

The Shoprider Echo has an amazing turning radius making it perfect for indoor use in addition to outdoor use. The Shoprider Echo also comes with an adjustable seat height, comfortable padded seat, and can fit into most trunks!

It truly has all the features you look for in a mobility scooter at a low, low price of just $649.

Vive Health 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

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Picking just ONE best mobility scooter was not easy! With that being said, after considering features, cost, key features, key specifications and also considering what our technicians, mobility experts, and customers have to say, the Drive Medical Scout 4 was our best of the best mobility scooter! 

We also have our close honorable mention, the Merits S245 Pioneer 2 Mobility Scooter.

Drive Medical Scout 4 Compact Mobility Scooter

The Drive Scout 4 mobility scooter was our top choice for many reasons. This mobility scooter comes with all the features at the most affordable price compared to other mobility scooters out there. Mobility scooters with this many features and quality normally cost well double what this one is marked up for.

It truly has all the features you look for in a mobility scooter.

Merits S245 Pioneer 2 Mobility Scooter

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What is the best mobility scooter for you?

Finding the right mobility scooter isn't easy. If you need further help or want to explore more options, please contact us! We love talking to all our visitors and would love to hear from you.

We hope we can help you get your mobility back and regain your freedom. We can continue with our everyday lives as normal with the help of a mobility scooter.

Keep reading to see what other things to consider when buying a mobility scooter.

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Choosing The Best Mobility Scooter: What To Consider When Buying A Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters are for anyone struggling with day to day activities but aren't ready to miss out on the great things life has to offer. They are one of the best ways to free your life and regain your independence and freedom.

With so many choices to choose from today, it can be tough to find the right one for you.

Here are a few things to consider when picking out the best mobility scooter for you. As you look around for a mobility scooter, keep these things in mind:

  1. Weight Capacity:  Make sure you choose a mobility scooter with a weight limit that will accommodate your needs. Weight yourself prior to looking for a mobility scooter so you can choose the best one for you.
  2. Seating Options:  Be sure to choose a mobility scooter that's comfortable for your needs. If you are relying on your mobility scooter during the whole day, it might make sense to get an extra padded seat to help you stay comfortable. If you like a mobility scooter that doesn't have a comfortable seat, consider looking into accessories that can help make your mobility scooter more comfortable.
  3. Portability:  If you are using your scooter for home-use mainly, then you may not need a very portable mobility scooter. However, if you want to transport your scooter, you may need a scooter that folds or disassembles easily. Make sure it is not too heavy for you to put in and out of your car. If portability is a priority, then look for a folding mobility scooter or lightweight/travel mobility scooter.
  4. Maneuverability:  Make sure to get a mobility scooter that can maneuver around in your environment. If you are using it mainly indoors, you may consider a 3 wheel mobility scooter extremely tight turning radius. 
  5. Speed:  Always worth considering speed if you are using your mobility scooter all day.
  6. Travel Distance/battery range:  Be sure you have a mobility scooter with a battery range that can keep up with your needs. Consider buying an extra battery if you are planning for a longer trip.
  7. Your Driving Environment:  Really think about where you will be using your mobility scooter prior to buying one. If you will be using it on many different surfaces, you may need an all terrain mobility scooter.
  8. Scooter Wheels and Tires:  It's worth noting you may need larger wheels and tires for outdoors on uneven surfaces. You also want to consider whether you want pneumatic tires, solid,  or air filled tires.
  9. Extra Accessories:  You can always upgrade your mobility scooter with extra accessories. You can get an extra battery or a padded cushion seat and many other things to help. If you find a mobility scooter you like but it's missing some features, consider buying an accessory or two to help make it the best mobility scooter for you.

    We are committed to providing you the expert advice you need to make your search for a mobility scooter easier. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. You can contact us through live chat, email, or call us anytime!


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