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RMB EV Electric Scooters

Originating from Fulton, CA, RMB EV stands out in the mobility industry with its unique, high-quality, and patent-pending recreational scooters. Unlike many competitors who simply rebrand mass-produced products, RMB EV creates their own designs in the USA, with each one emphasizing quality and functionality.

Their scooters are not just modes of transportation; they are devices of freedom - for individuals with disabilities, for professionals navigating large spaces like warehouses, or for anyone seeking a little thrill. RMB EV offers premium, affordable mobility for every requirement.

Belonging to the RMB EV family is akin to joining an exclusive club of discerning individuals who value the best. Just as a select group cherishes luxury cars, RMB EV owners appreciate the unmatched quality and innovation their scooters provide. And the best part? You don't need to be a billionaire to own one. Join the RMB EV revolution today and experience the difference. Read More.

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RMB EV Protean

The RMB EV Protean is an ingeniously designed folding scooter, offering a unique blend of mobility, utility, convenience, and fun. Engineered with an emphasis on ease of transportation, it fits seamlessly into vehicles trunks and is a perfect choice for those seeking an on-the-go mobility solution.

Equipped with a potent 500W, 48V power plant, the Protean can comfortably carry a 350lb passenger while reaching a top speed of 16mph. Remarkably, it achieves an impressive range of up to 30 miles on a single charge, setting it apart in terms of performance.

Aside from its exceptional mobility capabilities, the Protean boasts an array of convenience features. Dual USB charge ports allow you to power your devices on the move, while the LED lights beneath the floor deck add an element of fun and safety to your travels. The easy swap battery pack, tow hitch, basket, seat, and folding handlebars elevate its functionality, making it an excellent choice for varied applications.

RMB EV Protean Specs
Top Speed: 16 mph
Battery Range: 30 Miles
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
Product Folded Dimensions: 29”L X 27”W X 20”H Inches


  • Robust 500W, 48V power plant provides impressive speed and power.
  • Long range of up to 30 miles on a single charge.
  • Numerous convenience features including dual USB charge ports, LED lights, and an easy-swap battery pack.
  • Folds down to a compact size, making it easy to transport and store.
  • Flat floor deck design allows for easy boarding and extra cargo space.


  • Its high performance might result in faster battery depletion.
  • The maximum speed may be excessive for inexperienced users.
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RMB EV Multi Point AWD

The RMB EV Multi Point AWD is an industry-leading mobility solution that shatters traditional conventions. As the only All Wheel Drive electric trike available in the market, the patented Multi Point AWD sets new standards for performance and versatility.

This trike possesses the unique ability to navigate through challenging terrains effortlessly, from grass and gravel to sand and hills. This capability makes the Multi Point AWD a versatile choice for diverse applications, including industrial use, recreation, and mobility support for the disabled.

One of the Multi Point AWD's standout features is its all-wheel drive system, delivering power across all wheels for enhanced control and performance. This feature enables it to take you places other trikes can't, opening up a world of possibilities for exploration and adventure.

RMB EV Multi Point AWD Specs
Max Speed: 16 mph
Battery Range: 31 Miles
2 Motors: 500W Front/500W Rear
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs


  • The only All Wheel Drive electric trike on the market, offering superior mobility.
  • Exceptional versatility making it suitable for diverse applications from industrial use to recreation and mobility support.
  • Easily navigates challenging terrains such as grass, gravel, sand, and hills.
  • Its powerful drive can accommodate a variety of mobility needs and user weights.
  • Provides a sense of adventure and freedom unattainable with other trikes.


  • Its All-Wheel Drive feature may result in quicker battery depletion.
  • Given its off-road capabilities, it might be heavier than traditional mobility scooters.
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RMB EV e-Quad

The RMB e-Quad represents a perfect fusion of convenience, comfort, and high performance in the realm of electric mobility solutions. This exceptional mobility vehicle is designed to facilitate easy access with a low floor deck and accommodate one large adult up to 400 lbs, or two medium-size adults, courtesy of its wide seat.

But do not be deceived by its user-friendly design; the e-Quad is a fast and powerful workhorse with heavy-duty suspension bolstered by gas strut dampers. Its versatility shines through as it's suitable for light off-road use and is easier to maneuver than a conventional golf cart. The e-Quad finds applications ranging from personal mobility to industrial usage.

The e-Quad has been designed with easy storage in mind, as the seat and steering column fold neatly to a height of just 27", making it a compact storage solution when not in use.

RMB EV e-Quad Specs
Max Speed: 15 mph
Battery Range: 21 Miles
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Product Size: 57”L x 32”W x 35”H Inches


  • Accommodates larger individuals or two medium-sized adults with a weight limit of 400 lbs.
  • Offers fast and powerful performance, suitable for light off-road use.
  • Easier to maneuver than traditional golf carts, providing versatility in use.
  • Compact storage with foldable seat and steering column.


  • Its light off-road use capability might not be sufficient for those looking for an all-terrain vehicle.
  • Might be larger and heavier than typical mobility scooters, potentially limiting portability.
  • May require more storage space than smaller, more compact models.
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