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RMB EV Electric Scooters

RMB EV is a company that has been years in the making. The company was founded in 2011 by Jeff Schneider who began his career in 2002 working for the company that first introduced the electric scooter to the world. During his time there, Mr. Schneider helped design and produce electric scooters, cars, trucks and motorcycles. He developed extensive expertise in electrical transportation and innovation. Working with both consumer and manufacturing companies, he appreciated the demanding task of bringing customers desires to life in a quality product used by many. Years later, Mr. Schneider decided he had sufficient knowledge and experience to help him make a superior product and with that, RMB EV was born. Based in Fulton, California, the company has been on a roll ever since. Read More.

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RMB EV Protean

The Protean by RMB EV is a master of engineering. It has a doubly-reinforced removeable seat post and large wheels capable of supporting a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds. This scooter is perfect for someone on the go. It has 3 wheels with handlebars that fold easily for travel or storage in your car. The battery is easily removable so you can charge it anywhere. It has an incredible 30 mile range, long enough to last an entire day. It has a dual-speed control button that lets you move between 8 mph in close quarters to 16 mph on longer, smoother stretches. There’s also a horn so you can let people know you are coming and a high brightness LED headlight so you can see, and be safely seen, at night.

The RMB Protean offers different seat heights and there are height adjustment options for the handlebars. All this helps to provide the most comfortable positioning for a ride of any duration. For added safety, there is a handbrake and a parking brake for steep slopes. This model also has a removeable ignition key, a reverse switch, dual USB ports for other devices, a tool kit with an owner’s manual, and a front wheel splash guard.

The Protean folding 3 wheel scooter can help get you going and keep you on the go. Happy travels are in store when you choose the Protean.

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RMB EV has a long history

Long History

Started way back in 2011, RMB EV is a company that has been years in the making.

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We offer free shipping to lower 48 states on all the below RMB EV electric scooters.

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RMB EV products come with a great warranty!