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Handyscoot has designed and manufactured a fantastic lightweight travel scooter with the simple objective of helping people, if at all possible, get back to the freedom and independence they once enjoyed. It is difficult to appreciate how important mobility is until it has been taken away.

Handyscoot has a dedicated team of experts whose goal is to ensure that people have the mobility they need, whether it is for anything, from going shopping at the grocery store to celebrating a family member’s wedding. Their scooters are made in the United States and come with a standard 2-year scooter warranty on the entire device. Read More.

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HandyScoot Folding Mobility Scooter

This scooter is able to support up to 350 lbs and is built close to the ground making it easier to get onto. It has a sturdy vinyl pad, so tough it lessons the frequency of having to get it replaced.

The Handyscoot travel scooter is made with its components well-protected and safely tucked out of the way on the inside of the scooter. This helps prevent any damage to the cables and helps ensure reliability to the rider. In fact, the battery comes with an embedded plug so all you have to do is place the scooter on the controller.

This dynamic scooter can go at a top speed of 9 mph and can lock the steering column making it easier to lift into and out of your car. It has a total weight of 42 pounds and has a battery range of up to 15 miles. It’s stainless steel frame is strong and sits upon a efficient 3-wheel design. It even has an easily adjustable axle to 3 different widths.

The turning radius is only 26-inches, so small spaces and tight corners are much easier to navigate. It has forward and reverse direction modes and the battery is approved for airplane travel.

For more comfort, the scooter’s seat can be adjusted to three different heights and has two settings to recline.

There is a front luggage bar for convenience and a front light for safety as well as a handy front basket to put any personal items you would like. All in all the Handyscoot Folding Mobility Scooter is an good investment to get you rolling.

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Weighing about 42 lbs, Handyscoot is one of the best lightweight mobility scooter on the market.

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