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Foldable Electric Bikes

Best Foldable Electric Bikes

Discover the ultimate in urban mobility with our selection of the best foldable electric bikes. Perfectly blending convenience, efficiency, and innovative design, these bikes are tailored for the modern commuter and adventure seeker alike. Foldable electric bikes offer the power of electric assistance with the added benefit of compact storage and easy transportability, making them ideal for city living, where space is a premium.

With just a few simple folds, these bikes transform into a portable package, easily carried onto public transportation, tucked into car trunks, or stored in small apartments. Our carefully curated collection features only the best, ensuring each bike delivers on quality, performance, and durability.

Whether you're navigating bustling city streets or taking a leisurely ride through the park, our foldable electric bikes promise a seamless and enjoyable cycling experience. Embrace the future of cycling with a foldable electric bike that meets all your travel needs.


Foldable Electric Bike For Adults - Go Bike Juntos 

Go Bike Juntos Foldable Electric Bike For Adults


Motor Peak Power: 900W
Price: $$
Max Speed: 25 mph
Battery Range: 456 Miles/110 Miles

Explore the world of adult cycling with the GOBIKE JUNTOS, a foldable electric bike for adults that redefines tandem riding. Equipped with a potent 750w rear hub motor, this bike offers a smooth and powerful ride, ideal for both solo excursions and adventures with a companion.

Featuring a primary 11.6Ah battery, the JUNTOS delivers an impressive range of up to 45 miles on pedal assist. For those longer journeys, the option to add a 17.4Ah secondary battery extends your travel up to 110 miles. Its versatile 7-speed Shimano Altus gearing, coupled with robust Kenda 20” x 4” off-road tires, ensures reliable performance across various terrains.

This foldable electric bike isn't just about performance; its step-through design and foldability highlight convenience, making it perfect for adults seeking ease of use and storage. The JUNTOS is further enhanced with practical accessories like fenders, lights, and a cargo rack, ensuring every ride is enjoyable and comfortable.



  • Dual-Passenger Design: Accommodates two riders.
  •  Impressive Range: Over 100 miles with pedal assist.
  •  Robust Features: 750w motor, 7-speed gearing, off-road tires.
  •  Comprehensive Display: Backlit LCD with essential metrics.
  •  Rugged Aesthetics: Three military colors.


  • Size & Weight: Likely heavier than single-rider e-bikes.
  • Battery Dependency: Optional battery needed for full range.
  • Gear Limitation: Only 7-speed gearing.


Electric Foldable Bike - Go Bike Futuro

Go Bike Futuro Electric Foldable Bike

Max Speed: 22 mph
Battery Range: 40 Miles
Product Weight: 48 lbs
Motor Peak Power: 500W

The GOBIKE FUTURO is a game-changer in the world of foldable, lightweight e-bikes, designed for both convenience and power. This e-bike's ability to fold in half makes it perfect for those with limited storage space or the need for portability. Whether it's fitting into a dorm room, an apartment, or a packed garage, the FUTURO's compact design has you covered.

Despite its size, the FUTURO packs a punch with its 350W motor and all-terrain tires, offering a range of up to 35 miles with pedal assist and 25 miles without. Built from high-grade aluminum alloy, its frame is both lightweight and durable. The polished welds add an extra touch of style and strength.

The backlit LCD display is a hub for important biking metrics, including speed and battery level, all housed in a weather-resistant casing. Gear changes are smooth and reliable thanks to the Shimano 7-speed shifter, making it easy to tackle any terrain. Charging is hassle-free, with a battery that fully charges in 4-6 hours.

Not just for riding, the FUTURO's rear rack is ready to carry your essentials, from gym bags to groceries, adding remarkable versatility to this compact e-bike. Get the FUTURO, and redefine your commuting and exploration possibilities.



  • Foldable and Compact: Ideal for limited storage and easy transport.
  • Lightweight Design: High-grade aluminum alloy frame for easy handling.
  • Decent Range: Up to 35 miles with pedal assist.
  • User-Friendly Display: Backlit LCD with essential metrics.
  • Functional Storage: Equipped with a rear rack for carrying items.


  • Moderate Power: 350W motor may be less suited for very steep terrains.
  • Limited Speed Options: Shimano 7-speed shifter may not satisfy all riders.
  • Size Constraints: Compact size may affect riding comfort for taller/larger individual


Foldable Electric Bikes FAQ:

Q. Is foldable ebike worth it?

A. Yes, a foldable e-bike is worth considering if you need a compact, easily transportable mode of transport. They are ideal for commuters who use multiple modes of transportation or have limited storage space at home or work. Foldable e-bikes combine the convenience of a traditional e-bike with the added flexibility of being able to fold down to a more manageable size.

Q. What is the disadvantage of a folding e bike?

A. The disadvantages of a folding e-bike include:

  • Less Stability: They may be less stable than full-size bikes due to smaller wheels and a more compact frame.
  • Ride Comfort: The compact design can lead to a less comfortable ride over long distances or rough terrain compared to standard e-bikes.
  • Weight: Despite being foldable, some models can be heavy, making them challenging to carry when folded.
  • Complexity: Folding mechanisms can add complexity and potential points of failure, requiring additional maintenance.
  • Cost: Folding e-bikes can be more expensive than non-folding models due to the engineering required for the folding feature.

Q. Are folding ebikes good for seniors?

A. Folding e-bikes are generally suitable for seniors due to:
  • Easy to get on and off.
  • Compact for easy storage and transport.
  • Often lightweight for easier handling.
  • Adjustable for different comfort needs.
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