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Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs For Sale

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs fix the problem of not having to worry about your weight capacity or driving around on all terrains.

Heavy duty power chairs normally come with a high weight capacity as well as upgraded and customized features. Below we have listed our top recommendations when it comes to heavy duty power wheelchairs. Read More.

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Below are our top recommendations for heavy duty power wheelchairs. You can click on the "Check Latest Price" to see a full description of each one.

To see a full list of full size power wheelchairs, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Merits Gemini Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair

Our first top recommendation is also one of our mostsold heavy duty power wheelchair.

Merits Health Vision Super Heavy Duty Power Chair

Tranzit Go Folding Electric Wheelchair

EWheels EW M51 Folding Power Wheelchair

Everlasting Mobility is the number one online seller for heavy duty full size power wheelchairs. We offer the best on web pricing. With excellent customer support, no sales tax, FREE Shipping, and financing, you can enjoy your heavy duty wheelchair today!

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