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Best 2 Person Mobility Scooters

Scooters for the differently abled, are as diverse today as the people who use them. Innovations with electricity and wheels have changed lives! With that, professional devices like scooters are adapted and designed for nearly every situation and have been created with nearly every person in mind. Dual seat mobility scooters are the perfect example of thinking outside the box and are a celebration of the options available to customers.

A two-seat mobility scooter can provide a way for family and friends to join in on time spent together, perhaps rejuvenating interests that may have been postponed due to mobility challenges. Whatever the goal, we are always happy to assist our customers in finding their perfect scooter. Read More.

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Afikim Afiscooter S4

The AFIKIM Afiscooter S4 is designed for outdoor terrain and can be equipped with a dual seat option. It has an impressive driving range of 28 miles on a single charge and is one of the most comfortable scooters on the market. It has won the honored Red Dot Design Award which recognizes design innovations that can improve the quality of our lives.

The AFIKIM S4 with dual seat option is perfect for sidewalks, trail paths, and even wet tougher terrain. It has a high ground clearance, a 1400-watt motor and can support up to 450 lbs. It’s incline rating of 11.3 degrees means steep slopes are no problem. It’s max speed of 9.3 miles per hour will get you where you need to go and it’s excellent suspension and shock absorbers help ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride.

This heavy duty mobility scooter has bright LED headlights for day or night driving. To save battery life, the LED lights dim when you are not in motion. Alloy wheels and pneumatic tires are standard on the AFIKIM S4. Want a canopy or a windshield? Those are options that can be added as well.

There is also a small storage compartment in the front where you can easily keep your phone or reading glasses and a larger rear vault area that can be locked and keep items out of the weather.

RMB E-Quad

Another option is the RMB E-Quad because it is designed to move you. It has an amazing 800-watt motor, a low floor deck and an ample seat that can support two medium sized adults or one large adult up to 500 lbs. It has a heavy duty suspension system built for light off road use. The steering and seat system can fold to 27 inches making it easy to store. Not only that, this scooter can reach speeds up to 15 mph, easily zipping you both around the mall or enjoying the day on the golf course.

RMB E-Quad

Looking for a 3-wheel option? We got you covered!

The EWheels EW-66 2-Passenger Three Wheel Mobility Scooter is a unique scooter that includes features not available in other models.

This is a rugged, powerful, moving machine! It can carry up to 600 lbs., easily supporting two people. It can reach speeds up to 15 mph but this model has 3 wheels and an incredible 43 mile battery charge, almost unheard of in the mobility world!

The tires of this 3-wheeled scooter are tubeless, thus never needing a repair. The variable speed control dial and electromagnetic brakes mean you are able to slow down to a safe pace whenever you need to. The EW-66 is easy to charge and once charged, can scoot along all day.

Another unique feature of the EW-66 is a built in anti-theft alarm system that can be used remotely with a key fob. An extra layer of safety to ease the mind. It also has excellent lighting in front and back, great for keeping an eye on everything. There are rear reflectors that add to this benefit.

Two people can have twice as much stuff so having more storage available is important. This scooter has a large covered storage basket on the back of the passenger seat, as well as a large compartment under the back seat. The larger compartment can be latched and can hold groceries or other sundries. It even comes with a small zipper pouch to store your wallet.

Why Buy 2 Person Mobility Scooters?

These mobility scooters fit 2 people

Fits 2 People

A two-seat mobility scooter can provide a way for family and friends to join in on time spent together, perhaps rejuvenating interests that may have been postponed due to mobility challenges.

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