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Mobility Scooters For Sale

Mobility scooters have been around for a while now, and continue to grow as a great replacement for those who need to get through their daily activities without pain or struggle.

Mobility scooters have helped a great amount of our customers get back their freedom and not have to rely on others.

Your days become much more enjoyable when using a mobility scooter. Make possibilities limitless with a mobility scooter!

Mobility Scooters For Sale


3 wheel mobility scooters


4 wheel mobility scooters


Folding Travel Mobility Scooters


all terrain mobility scooters


Mobility scooters come in various types. There are 3 & 4 wheel mobility scooters, folding & travel mobility scooters, lightweight mobility scooters, as well as all terrain mobility scooters for outdoors.

We explain each category in further detail below to help you decide on which one you need.

We also put together a list of the best in each category. Check out the Best Mobility Scooters of 2021 list here.

There are many benefits to using a mobility scooter. Many want freedom and independence, some want to stay active without risking any injury, some have trouble walking around, and some simply want to enjoy the outdoors.

If you need help choosing a mobility scooter, we put together a list of what to consider when buying a mobility scooter.

Below are the types of mobility scooters explained in further detail. If at any point you want to know more or see a full list, you can simply click the "Explore" button next to each category.

3 Wheel Mobility Scooters

Three Wheel Mobility Scooters are best for indoors or small areas as they all have a great turning radius to be able to maneuver around. Most 3 wheel mobility scooters are also lightweight and come at a cheaper cost.

3 wheel mobility scooters - Triaxe cruze


  • Easy to maneuver around with great turning radius
  • Often lighter in weight
  • Extra leg room


  • Less stability compared to 4 wheel mobility scooters

4 Wheel Mobility Scooters

Four wheel mobility scooters differ from three mobility scooters as they offer much more stability. They can be used on different types of surfaces much better. Four wheel mobility scooters are also ideal for indoor and outdoor.

4 wheel mobility scooters - EWheels M34


  • Much improved stability
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Extra comfort


  • Less maneuverable compared to 3 wheel mobility scooters

Lightweight Mobility Scooters

Lightweight mobility scooters are designed for the user on the go who uses their mobility scooter during the whole day. They are lightweight to store in trunks of vehicles or move around easier. Some lightweight mobility scooters come with a folding capability and some are super easy to disassemble.

lightweight mobility scooters - triaxe sport


  • Easy to store in trunks or storage
  • Come with foldable or disassemble capabilities
  • Easy to use


  • Less weight capacity on most lightweight models

Folding Mobility Scooters

Folding scooters are designed for those who travel or want their mobility scooter wherever they go. Folding scooter usually fold manually or automatically without taking anything apart or using any tools. Some folding mobility scooters are airline approved making them the perfect travel mobility scooter.

folding mobility scooters - solax transformer


  • Fold without extra tools
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient for travel


  • Most models are less affordable

All Terrain Mobility Scooters

All terrain mobility scooters are perfect for outdoors and can be used on any surface and environment. They normally come with loads of features as well.

all terrain mobility scooters - EV Rider VitaXpress


  • Perfect for outdoors
  • Feature packed
  • Extra leg room
  • High weight capacity


  • More expensive

If you still need help find the right type of mobility scooter, please do not hesitate to contact us and talk to one of our mobility experts. Also, remember we put together a list of the Best Mobility Scooters of 2021 so you can see the best in each category.

See below for a full list of all types of mobility scooters.

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