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Journey Health & Lifestyle is an esteemed brand committed to enhancing individual independence and overall quality of life. Their innovative products are designed to address the challenges of mobility and provide support for everyday activities.

Among their renowned offerings are the Zoomer, Zinger, and So-Lite mobility devices. The Zoomer is a powerful, portable, and user-friendly chair that outshines conventional mobility scooters. The Zinger, hailed as one of the world’s lightest personal mobility device, offers exceptional maneuverability and portability. The So-Lite scooter, on the other hand, perfectly combines functionality and convenience in a compact, lightweight design.

While Journey Health & Lifestyle offers other products, their powered mobility aids particularly embody the brand's commitment to ease, autonomy, and lifestyle enhancement. With Journey Health & Lifestyle, users can continue their journey with confidence, knowing they have a brand that truly cares about their mobility and independence. Read More.

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Journey Zoomer

The Journey Zoomer Power Wheelchair offers a unique blend of versatility, compactness, and performance, making mobility easy and enjoyable. This chair stands out with its sleek design, enhanced maneuverability, and impressive speed.

The Zoomer is built for comfort with a supportive padded seat, easy-grip joystick control, and a 3-point turn radius. Its nimbleness allows users to navigate in tight spaces easily. Powered by dual brushless 240W motors, the Zoomer can reach a top speed of 3.7 mph, providing efficient mobility.

The compact design of the Zoomer enables easy transport and storage. With its foldable feature, you can conveniently pack it in your car's trunk or store it in small spaces. In addition, the Zoomer is equipped with puncture-proof, non-marking tires, ensuring a worry-free ride across different surfaces.


  • Excellent maneuverability with a 3-point turn radius.
  • Foldable for easy transport and storage.
  • Puncture-proof, non-marking tires for a worry-free ride.
  • Supportive and comfortable padded seat.


  • The compact design may compromise on user comfort for larger individuals.
  • It might be difficult to navigate on rough or uneven terrain due to its size.
  • The chair might not provide sufficient stability for some users due to its lightweight nature.
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Journey Zinger

The Zinger Electric Mobility Chair from Journey exemplifies a revolutionary approach to mobility assistance. This innovative chair offers an impressive blend of comfort, maneuverability, and portability that ensures a better, more independent lifestyle for users.

With its unique control system, the Zinger allows for easy navigation with simple hand movements. It's not a conventional wheelchair, nor a power chair, but a comfortable, fun solution for mobility that you can control with a flick of your wrist.

Compact and lightweight, the Zinger folds in seconds for easy storage and transportation. It's small enough to fit into the trunk of a car. Despite its size, it's robust with a weight capacity of 275 lbs, plus it has a top speed of 6 mph proving its durability.

The Zinger is equipped with breathable mesh fabric and a high backrest that guarantees a comfortable experience, even during prolonged use. Its puncture-resistant tires make it versatile for various terrains, indoors and out.


  • Unique control system that enhances maneuverability.
  • Lightweight and compact, folds easily for storage and transportation.
  • High weight capacity of 275 lbs demonstrates its robustness.
  • Comfortable mesh fabric and high backrest for extended use.
  • Puncture-resistant tires suitable for various terrains.


  • The unique control system may require a learning curve for some users.
  • Might not be comfortable for taller individuals due to compact design.
  • Could be challenging to navigate on rough terrains.
  • Might not provide the desired stability for users needing more support.
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Journey So Lite

The So Lite Scooter from Journey is a standout example of mobility assistance devices, offering a refreshing mix of compactness, portability, and power. Perfect for those who value independence and freedom of movement, this scooter ensures a reliable, enjoyable travel experience.

The So Lite Scooter is impressively lightweight at 40.8 lbs without the batteries, yet robust enough to support a weight capacity of 275 lbs. It's easy to fold and unfold without any tools, making it perfect for travel and storage. Its compact design means it fits into most car trunks easily, and it's even approved for airline travel, bringing freedom to explore wherever you go.

One of the standout features of the So Lite is its auto-latching lockup mechanism for simple frame folding in just seconds. It comes with flat-free tires, an under seat storage basket for personal items, and LED headlight for safe navigation even in low light conditions.


  • Compact and lightweight, ideal for travel and storage.
  • High weight capacity of 275 lbs for a lightweight scooter.
  • Easy to fold and unfold in seconds.
  • Flat-free tires and LED headlight provide safe navigation.


  • Not suitable for off-road or uneven terrain.
  • Shorter travel range may require frequent charging.
  • The compact design may be uncomfortable for larger individuals.
  • Lacks suspension, which might lead to a less smooth ride on bumpy surfaces.
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