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Best Standing Power Chairs For Sale

Standing power wheelchairs are made specifically for people who are wheelchair bound but want the ability to stand up in their chair. Situating yourself in this way has many health benefits such as improved blood circulation, pressure point management, bone density development, increased vital organ capacity, reduction in the frequency of urinary tract infections, and improvement of passive range of motion and individual reach.

Some important factors to consider when seeking the best stand-up electric wheelchair are it’s bendability, flexibility, stretchability, dependability, and drivability. Perhaps you need to align your torso upwards as you easily move through doorways, or stretch your lower back or heel cords. Maybe you need a diagnosing system that maintains the dependability of your chair as you easily drive inside on smooth surfaces. It is for these reasons that these chairs can be individually configured and customized to specific needs.

You easily control your positioning from sitting to standing and can choose alternative drive controls, like foot or head control, if needed. The technology is safe, stable and reliable.

Karman Healthcare manufactures and distributes some of the finest stand-up power chairs in the industry. Here are two of our most popular stand-up electric wheelchairs for sale: Read More.

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Karman XO-505

Karman’s XO-505 standing electric powerchair is one of the most innovative designs on the market. You can go from a sitting to a standing position in a matter of seconds. It fully reclines and has elevating leg rests. The sturdy frame is designed for easy maneuvering and has an advanced LCD display to control all the chair’s special features.

The XO-505 is a six wheel design, with rear shock absorbers for a comfortable ride on varied terrain. The full sit-to-stand power option and the full power reclining/elevating leg rests make movement as easy as a push of a button. It is designed to give you perfect balance in whatever position you choose to be in and is made with aircraft grade aluminum for strength and lighter weight.

A standing position is beneficial when trying to do daily tasks around home or at work. Going from a sitting to a power standing position takes only moments with this electric wheelchair and can be stopped at any desired angle. There are safety harnesses for your legs, lap, and chest to ensure your secure as you move around and it has a large footplate for stability. Getting back to those activities that you love is just the boost needed for your well-being and independence!

It has a range of 25 miles, is a mid-wheel drive, and has some optional items to choose from, like LED headlights, dual flashing rear lights and USB support.

Karman XO-202

The Karman XO-202 is another fantastic choice if you are looking for a top notch stand-up mobility wheelchair. It has a 25-mile battery range and can hold up to 250 pounds. The XO-202, like the 505, can get you into a standing position in seconds. Standing means better kidney and bladder function and better blood flow. Other benefits of standing are the reduction of muscle atrophy and bone decalcification reducing the risk of osteoporosis. It is no wonder that this full stand-up power chair is so popular!

The unit comes with a powerful DC 24V motor that uses two 12V 36 AH batteries getting the most out of it’s 25 mile range. It has a top speed of 5 mph, but 3 mph is recommended when motoring in a standing position. This power packed wheelchair makes it easy to stay out all day without a recharge. The XO-202 also has 6 touch points making it incredibly stable. The seat is padded with 2 to 3 inches of cushioning memory foam and made from nylon mesh which is breathable and mold resistant. The 14” rear tires and the 8” front tires will never go flat and the concave armrests can flip back.

The XO-202 is equipped with a joystick that controls everything that you need to function your chair. It also has a speed indicator, a battery indicator, and a horn. An optional attendant controller is available so a caretaker or loved one can operate the chair instead of the rider.

One thing that is for sure, if you are riding around all day long, it is critical that your seat be the most comfortable it can be. That is why Karman designed this power chair to have multiple seating options so you can customize the width and depth of the seat for your maximum comfort.

Why Buy Standing Power Chairs?

Standing Power Chairs offer total control

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You easily control your positioning from sitting to standing and can choose alternative drive controls, like foot or head control etc.

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