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Best Manual Wheelchairs For Sale

Manual wheelchairs are as diverse as the populations that they serve. They run the gambit from ultra-lightweight to heavy-duty, weighing in at over 300 pounds. The best chairs, the ones that don’t create secondary injuries, are the ones that fit your own personal mobility range. It is important to think about the weight of the chair, the seat size and seat cushion, scope of adjustability, and support.

A wheelchair may be chosen for it’s ability to help stabilize a person while walking, prevent people with cognition difficulties from getting lost outside, or the ability to brake while standing so a caregiver doesn’t have to bend over each time to activate it.

Lightweight wheelchairs make for more convenient travel as they are easier to store away. But if a person needs a manual wheelchair for longer periods during the day, a more ergonomically designed chair might be a better choice. Certain cushions can relieve pressure on hips and arms making for a more comfortable experience. Finally, one might choose a manual wheelchair for how easy it is to transfer the user from seat to seat.

Two of our leading manual wheelchairs come from Merits Health with an alternative winning choice from EV Rider. Read More.

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Merits L405

The Merits L405 Converter can be used as a manual wheelchair or a transport chair. It has a wonderfully light aluminum alloy frame and double wheel locks. The upholstery is made from mildew and bacteria resistant nylon and has Invacare® compatible footrests that swing away. The back-folding features and quick release axles make it especially practical and space saving. It also comes with a pocket on the back of the backrest for storage and it can hold up to 300 pounds.

Merits N473 Voyageur

Merits Health USA also makes the N473 Voyageur wheelchair and is one of the most dependable standard wheelchairs around.

It is furnished with a large and comfortable 20" seat with the option to go larger. It supports up to 300 pounds and is hemi-height adjustable. This means it is designed especially for people of smaller stature or those wishing to propel themselves using their feet.

The N473 Voyageur wheelchair has a dual axle design with a double cross brace for support and structure and you have the option of adding full length armrests and detachable elevating leg rests.

EV Rider Spring HW

Another popular choice of manual wheelchair is the EV Rider Spring HW 1 manual wheelchair. The HW1 is made with durable aluminum and like the previous wheelchair, can hold up to 300 pounds. It has adjustable armrests and backrests and utilizes a push-bar so both caregiver and patient can easily control the chair. The rear wheels are available in 24 inch size and you can choose from three different seat widths.

A particularly distinctive aspect of this chair is it’s Tilt-n-Space feature. The EV Rider Spring HW1 chair can tilt -5 to 25 degrees and recline from 90 to 120 degrees, making it one of the most comfortable manual wheelchairs in the industry today. People experiencing developmental or degenerative disorders, or are recuperating from spinal cord injury, or other exceptional needs, can find comfort and safety in its many features. The HW1 chair is designed for functionality and everyday use.

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Manual wheelchairs are as diverse as the populations that they serve. They run the gambit from ultra-lightweight to heavy-duty, weighing in at over 300 pounds.

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