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Best Rear Wheel Drive Power Chairs For Sale

Power wheelchairs are made with front, mid or rear-wheel positioning choices, each with it’s own benefits. The two large drive wheels at the back of the chair are it’s source of power. In this case, we are talking about rear-wheel drive units which are specifically designed for the more aggressive driver and to be driven at higher speeds. These chairs are styled in a way that makes them drive straighter and are considered to have better stability than other types of power wheelchairs. Today’s rear-wheel drive power chairs combine tougher parts, bigger casters and an ultramodern suspension system.

Rear-wheel drive electric wheel-chairs are a celebration of independent living. It’s rear-wheel drive can propel the chair forward whether going over soft or harder terrain. They can generally provide a smoother ride because typically, rear-wheel drive power chairs have independent shock absorbers located on each of the wheels. Read More.

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Merits P301 Gemini

The Merits P301 Gemini is a hearty beast of an electric chair. It operates off two 50AH batteries. Standard to this chair is its 450 pound weight capacity which is one of the highest in the industry. Depending on the weight of the rider and what type of ground you are driving on, these powerful batteries can take you around 20 miles more or less before needing to recharge. To recharge, all you have to do is plug the charger into the more bending over or crouching down to plug it in.

You can elevate or lower your 22” x 22” high density foam seat up to a 10-inch variation. It is important to note that when using the elevating seat option, the maximum weight capacity of the chair reduces to 350 pounds. The swivel seat makes it easy to adjust whether you are sitting at a table, taking a nap, and it completely folds down for easy storage in a smaller area. Armrests flip up if needed or out for more seating space and can be fine-tuned for comfort.

The Gemini’s power doesn’t stop there. It offers a max 5 mph speed limit making it great for indoors or outdoors. The joystick can swing away, the foot plate flips up when needed, and there is a standard seat belt for safety. It has a sophisticated programmable controller and 14” aluminum cast drive wheels for superior maneuverability. Additional options available for purchase are elevating leg rests, oxygen tank holder, cane and crutch holder, rear basket, walker holder, power seat lift, or canopy.

EWheels EW M51

Another excellent choice in the heavy-duty electric rear-wheel drive category is from EWheels. Their M51 is designed to carry a max capacity of 400 pounds and like the Merits Gemini, it has an ultra padded 22” seat and armrests that adjust outward.

It has 9” front and 14” rear tires providing excellent traction and control. Its superior suspension system helps absorb any bumps along your commute. It can go 15 miles or so without a recharge and has a turning radius of 31 inches. For your comfort there is a variable speed dial, right or left hand use of the joystick, diagnostic warning lights, a ground clearance of 3.4 inches, and an adjustable footplate angle and height option. There is a battery gauge, free wheel levers and an electric horn.

Drive Medical Cirrus Plus

Interested in a rear-wheel drive power wheelchair that is the epitome of strength and style? The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus folding power chair might be just the thing to regain your independence and sense of adventure.

It sits in an attractive carbon steel frame with silver finishing. It has 8-inch front castor wheels and 12.5-inch rear wheels making it easy to have a safe and smooth ride. It has a nylon, easy-to-clean seat that has a storage pocket on the back.

What makes the Cirrus Plus chair different from the others in this division is how lightweight it is. It folds, stores, and transports more easily than other heavy-duty rear-wheel drive electric wheelchair.

The Cirrus Plus is accessorized with a seat belt, adjustable tension-back upholstery, wheel locks, swing aways, padded and removable armrests, a programable controller and flat-free non-marking tires.

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Rear Wheel Drive Power Chairs are stable

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Rear Wheel Drive Power Chairs are styled in a way that makes them drive straighter and are considered to have better stability than other types of power wheelchairs.

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