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ComfyGo Phoenix Carbon Fiber Portable Electric Wheelchair

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Phoenix Carbon Fiber Portable Electric Wheelchair By ComfyGo

Phoenix Carbon Fiber Folding Electric Wheelchair By ComfyGo Standard Textile Side View

Are you looking for the lightest folding motorized wheelchair on the market right now that is also allowed by airlines and has a fiber carbon frame? You've definitely found it! The ComfyGo Phoenix Carbon Fiber Folding Electric Wheelchair is the best solution for someone looking for a folding power chair that is not cumbersome to transport. This chair is exceptional in that it is not only light, but offers a weight capacity of 240 lbs. featuring an 18.5" wide seat.


Strong and Reliable

The carbon fiber frame of this foldable electric wheelchair is extremely light while providing maximum strength and durability. With the help of this high-quality material, this portable electric wheelchair will be able to withstand daily use without losing its performance. Additionally, it provides increased toughness and corrosion resistance.



The Phoenix chair has two 250W brushless silent motors. The combined motors operate independently and generate a total motor output of 500W.


Phoenix Carbon Fiber Folding Electric Wheelchair By ComfyGo Motor Power


You can ride safely and comfortably thanks to the integrated clever electromagnetic brakes on the Phoenix folding power chair. A fun and safe ride is made possible by these electromagnetic brakes, which are quicker and easier to handle than traditional braking systems.

The brakes can also help prevent the wheelchair from rolling away while it is parked on an incline or slope, providing the user extra peace of mind. They last longer and require less maintenance than conventional brake systems as well. 

Phoenix Carbon Fiber Folding Electric Wheelchair By ComfyGo 6 Degrees Incline and electromagnetic Brakes


Portable, Lightweight and Travel Friendly

The Phoenix Carbon Fiber Wheelchair's main frame is its heaviest component, weighing in at 26 lbs. The controller, footrests, and cushion collectively add 3 pounds. With the exception of the batteries, this folding electric wheelchair weighs 29 pounds. Three pounds are added to the weight. for each battery (6.6AH). As a result, the Phoenix carbon fiber wheelchair and all of its components weigh under 35 lbs altogether. 

 Phoenix Carbon Fiber Folding Electric Wheelchair By ComfyGo

it also comes with two standard 6.6 AH lithium-ion batteries that have quick-release mechanisms, making it easy to take them out for transport or charging. Both airlines and cruise lines accept these batteries, making travel simple. When combined, they provide a fantastic driving range of up to 15.5 miles.

The batteries were designed with user convenience in mind; they can operate simultaneously and charge either while placed in the portable power wheelchair or apart from the wheelchair thanks to a charging port that is located right on the batteries. This guarantees ongoing mobility and usability.


Phoenix Carbon Fiber Folding Electric Wheelchair By ComfyGo Portable and Travel friendly Power Chair



Intelligent Digital Joystick

A 360-degree universal intelligent digital joystick with an LCD display, ensures precise and user-friendly control over your mobility and is another standout feature of the Phoenix wheelchair.

On the controller are the power on/off switch, speed selection buttons, horn button, battery level display, and an intuitive joystick. To top it off, this folding electric wheelchair also has an optional remote control that a caregiver can use to steer and operate the wheelchair.

Phoenix Carbon Fiber Folding Electric Wheelchair By ComfyGo Joystick


ComfyGo Phoenix Carbon Fiber Portable Electric Wheelchair Benefits & Features:

  • Features 10" rear tires and 6" front tires, all of which are solid tires.
  • Has two 250W brushless silent motors. With a combined motor power of 500W, each motor runs independently.
  • Two 24V 6.6AH batteries provide an impressive driving range of up to 15.5 miles.
  • These batteries are airline and cruise-approved, allowing for seamless travel experiences.
  • A remote control is available as an option with the Phoenix. You may move the chair, change the speed, and sound the horn with the remote control. The remote control is effective up to 30 feet away.
  • The cushion, backrest, footrests, and controller together add a total of 3 lbs.
  • The charging time for each battery is 6 to 8 hours.
  • With a motor torque of 1.1Nm, these motors have the capability to climb inclines up to 6 degrees.
  • Has a digital joystick controller with an LCD display for simple navigation.
  • The Phoenix offers unrivaled comfort, featuring a 17" cushion width and 16" cushion depth.
  • Supports a maximum weight of 240 lbs.


Weight Capacity: 240 lbs
Overall Weight: 35 lbs
Frame Weight: 26 lbs
Battery Weight: 6 lbs
Battery: Two 24V 6.6AH Lithium-ion batteries
Charger: 24V 2A charger
Motor: Two 250W brushless silent motors
Climbing Gradient: inclines up to 6 degrees
Seat Size: 17" cushion width and 16" cushion depth
Tires: Solid Tires: 10" Rear and 6" Front


ComfyGo Phoenix Carbon Fiber Portable Electric Wheelchair Warranty

  • The phoenix comes with a standard 1-year frame, 1-year motor, 1-year battery, and 1-year electronic parts warranty.



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