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EV Rider Mobility Scooters

EV Rider offers a wide variety of scooters to fit anyone’s needs. They carry transportable scooters, mid-size scooters, as well as an all-terrain scooter.

We like EV Rider because they offer multiple scooter types and our customers can find exactly what suits them best.

EV Rider’s product variety allows them to offer mobility scooters at all price points. You can find a durable and reliable scooter that suits you if you are on a tight budget. EV Rider has plenty of luxury scooters if budget isn’t an issue.

On top of all that, we feel EV Rider kept comfort in mind, no matter which type of EV Rider scooter they designed. Read More.

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EV Rider Transportable Mobility Scooters

Lightweight and foldable, transportable scooters are ideal for those wanting to travel with their mobility scooter. EV Rider Transportable scooters can easily fit in the trunk of your car without the need of a lift or ramp. These EV Rider portable scooters are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

EV Rider scooter-transport plus

EV Rider Transport Plus

Stand-Out Features

  • Articulated front end adds to greater stability
  • Full front and rear lighting package
  • A true one, two, three-step folding/travel scooter
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

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EV Rider-minirider lite

EV Rider MiniRider Lite

Stand-Out Features

  • Padded Swivel Seat
  • Easily Disassembles into 4 pieces without tools
  • Delivered Fully Assembled
  • Weight Capacity: 280 lbs.

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EV Rider Mid-Size Mobility Scooters

Large wheels of mid-size mobility scooters make them much more suitable for outdoors, while still being able to be used indoors. Many mid-size mobility scooters disassemble into a few pieces with ease to allow for easy transport. EV Rider Mid-Size scooters are known for their extremely comfortable seats, full suspension, headlights, as well as turn signals. With more features and still being able to disassemble, you really get the best of both worlds with EV Rider's Mid-Size mobility scooters.

EV Rider-City Rider

EV Rider City Rider Mobility Scooter

Stand-Out Features

  • Adjustable Tiller
  • Full front and rear lighting package
  • Full Suspension
  • Delivered Fully Assembled
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.

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EV Rider - City Cruzer

EV Rider City Cruzer Mobility Scooter

Stand-Out Features

  • Full Suspension
  • Electromagnetic brakes
  • Range of 13 miles per charge
  • Delivered Fully Assembled
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

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EV Rider Vita Monster All Terrain Scooter

All-terrain scooters are heavy scooters that can be driven almost on anything including over grass with their more powerful motors, extra large tires, and full suspensions. EV Rider Vita Monster is one of the most popular all terrain scooters in the market today.

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