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Top City Electric Bikes

Often referred to as Electric City Bikes, these awesome machines are revolutionizing urban commuting. Designed specifically for cityscapes, these e-bikes effortlessly combine style with function, ensuring riders navigate bustling streets with ease.

The unique electric assistance propels commuters faster, helping them evade traffic and arrive at their destinations sweat-free. With the versatility to zip through tight alleys and the capability to tackle those challenging city hills, these bikes epitomize the future of urban transportation.

Moreover, their environmentally friendly nature stands as a testament to sustainable urban living. If you're seeking a reliable, efficient, and chic mode of transit, an Electric City Bike is your answer. Explore our curated selection and embrace the city ride reimagined.  Read More.

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Soleil City Electric Bike

Affordable City Electric Bike for Sale

The SOLEIL e-bike is a modern city bike with dual-action Pedal Assistance and Throttle. It has superior traction, a lightweight frame, LCD display, Shimano gears, and a powerful motor.

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  • Dual Pedal Assistance and Throttle for versatile riding.
  • Rear disc brake for enhanced traction and safety.
  • Efficient 500W motor with a range of up to 30 miles per charge.
  • Comprehensive LCD display with built-in USB charging port.


  • Battery life might be limited for longer commutes.
  • Limited to 7-speed gearing.
Soleil City Electric Bike Specs
Motor Peak Power: 700W
Cost: $
Max Speed: 22 mph
Range With Pedal Assist: 30 Miles
Weight Capacity: 330 lbs

An epitome of modern city e-bike innovation. The SOLEIL ensures you never miss a beat with its dual-action Pedal Assistance and Throttle; you can either pedal with zest or let the motor take complete charge.

Outclassing many in the city e-bike domain, SOLEIL boasts superior traction, courtesy of its rear disc brake. Crafted from high-grade aluminum alloy, its svelte 55lbs frame is both beautiful and agile. The LCD display, a window to vital ride metrics, also houses a handy USB port.

A sleek and stylish electric city bike with a white frame and black accents. The bike features a comfortable saddle, handlebars, and pedals. The front and rear wheels are equipped with fenders to protect against splashes. The bike also includes a front basket for carrying small items.
A sleek and stylish electric city bike with a white frame and black accents, designed for urban commuting and leisurely rides.
A sleek and stylish electric city bike with a white frame and black accents. The bike features a comfortable saddle, handlebars, and a front basket. The image showcases the bike from a side view, highlighting its modern design and functionality.

Gear up or let loose with Shimano’s Altus Derailleur and 7-speed settings, while the 500W motor propels you effortlessly.

Its integrated 10.4Ah battery promises rides up to 30 miles, and a quick recharge time means you're always ready to go.

Rounded out with essential urban accessories, SOLEIL is your city ride, elevated.


Q. What is an electric city bike?
A. An electric city bike, also known as an urban e-bike, is a bicycle designed for efficient travel in an urban environment that is equipped with an electric motor to provide pedal assistance, making it easier to navigate city streets, tackle hills, and reduce the effort required for longer commutes.

Q. Are Ebikes good for cities?
A. Yes, e-bikes are well-suited for city environments. They offer a quick and eco-friendly way to navigate traffic and are excellent for both short trips and longer commutes, with the added benefit of not requiring a parking space and offering a cost-effective alternative to driving.