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Best Front Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchairs For Sale

Power wheelchairs all have a particular drive system which helps determine how the wheelchair will perform in a variety of different situations. Front-wheel drive power wheelchairs turn on a pivot point that is usually located in the front. This has the advantage of being more stable on diverse surfaces and has a larger force dispersed to each tire, increasing traction. Add “heavy duty” to the definition and we are talking about some incredible machinery!

Front-wheel drive power chairs generally have a smaller turning radius making it easier to move through narrow places and around corners. These power wheelchairs use larger tires with a wider wheelbase to allow for more ground clearance and they often have a low seat-to-floor height making it easier to shift your feet.

There are many front-wheel drive electric wheelchairs to choose from. We are here to help choose the right chair for you based on your individual needs and personal budget. The following wheelchairs are some of our most popular in this division. Read More.

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Drive Trident HD

One of our best heavy-duty electric wheelchairs comes from Drive Medical. The Drive Trident HD has the same functionality as some other heavy- duty chairs, but is built with an open steel frame capable of supporting up to 450 pounds. This also makes it easy to access internal components. It is a front-wheel drive power chair that has a mid-wheel drive turning radius, increasing it’s overall performance.

The Trident HD has 14-inch front tires facilitating traction on different terrains. The 10-inch rear, free wheels flow fluidly behind and provide stability. The large footplate is 15 inches deep and 12 inches wide and can be flipped up when you need it out of the way. The Trident has spring-coiled full suspension poised under each motor (two on this model) to give you the smoothest ride. Two additional suspension coils on each front caster wheels make moving from pavement to dirt to grass is incredibly comfortable.

Everyone knows that if you sit in a chair for any length of time, it is much better if it is plush and pleasant. The Trident HD wheelchair is well-cushioned and padded for a comfy ride. The seat is oversized with an option to go bigger if needed. Both the seat and padded armrests are adjustable and can tilt back or forward easily. The height of the seat can also be adjusted so you can get the right height for your body. The captain’s seat semi-reclines for personal ease.

The controller has the option to swing away. It's maximum speed is 4 mph and has a 15 mile range. It can be taken apart easily and transported to wherever life takes you. Additionally, it’s so easy to charge! All you need to do is plug the charger into the joystick. No more bending over or crouching.

Merits P312

The Merits P312 Dualer power wheelchair is an example of engineering at its finest. What makes this popular front-wheel drive chair so unique is that it can be converted to a rear-wheel drive unit in seconds. All you do is release the seat and turn it 180 degrees. New users will often start with rear-wheel drive and then move to front-wheel drive in order to feel more closely connected to the driving event.

Another unique quality of this unit is its elevating capabilities. It can go from 5 inches to 27 inches at the push of a button. This comes standard. Similar to other front-wheel drive power wheelchairs, its tight turning radius of 21 inches and compact size allows for ease of movement in small spaces and around corners. The P312 Dualer has a low seat height of 18 inches, increasing stability and has a lap belt for safety.

Why Buy Front Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchairs?

Front Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchairs habe smaller turning radius

Smaller Turning Radius

Front-wheel drive power wheelchairs generally have a smaller turning radius making it easier to move through narrow places and around corners.

Front Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchairs ships free across usa

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping to lower 48 states on all the above Front Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchairs.

Front Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchairs comes with great warranty

Great Warranty

Front Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchairs come with a great warranty!