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Zip'r Mobility Scooters

Zip’r Mobility was founded in 2004 with the goal of bettering the quality of life for the families they serve. Located in North Bend, Washington, this family-owned business is committed to designing and manufacturing affordable, top-quality products that are easy to use, transport and maintain. This is what they call, “Simplicity in Mobility.” Their mission is finding solutions to any mobility issue with reliability and caste-iron performance. The Brand is even registered with the FDA as a Class II Medical Device. Every Zip’r Mobility electric wheelchair or scooter is made in an ISO 13484 and ISO 9001 certificated facility.

They pride themselves on being 100% American staffed and they look to continually improve their product line and customer experience. To do that they strive to maintain a positive and professional workplace, to build strong relationships, and to earn the ongoing trust that is given to them. At Zip’r Mobility, they take their responsibility seriously and work closely with their engineers to provide the absolute best.

They regularly review suppliers for quality and always thoroughly check their products before shipping, making sure it is free of any defect.

Three popular choices of Zip’r Mobility are the Zip’r Roo, the Zip’r Mantis and the Zip’r 3 Xtra. Read More.

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Zip’r Roo

This scooter has an amazing 250 pound weight capacity and can motor at a pace of 3.7 mph. It is TSA approved and can be broken down into 4 pieces, with the heaviest of them weighing only 32 pounds.

Smooth indoor and outdoor terrain are no problem for the Zip’r Roo 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter. It has up to a 12.4 mile range on one battery charge, enough to enjoy all day. Its two 12 AH batteries are ready to take you places. You just have to make sure you plug the charger in each evening when you come back home.

The Zip’r Roo is 41 inches long and 19.5 inches wide making it incredibly effective in small spaces. The ground clearance on the scooter is 2 inches, enough to move you easily over smooth surfaces. The scooter weighs 90.2 pounds including the frame and the battery.

At Zip’r they realize how important a supportive seat is. They installed an extra wide cushioned swivel seat that measures 17 inches high, 16.5 inches wide and 14.5 inches long. Wow!

That’s not all. The seat itself is height adjustable as well as the footboard in case you need a bit more legroom. Additionally padded, width-adjustable armrests can also swing away so you can make even more or less space if needed. The armrests are there for needed support but then you can make the scooter more compact for travel.

The Zip’r Roo has a small pocket on the back of the seat for smaller items and a larger metal basket in front. The scooter comes in either red or blue and has flat-free non-marking tires.

If this scooter sounds exciting but you need a little more weight capacity, check out the Zip’r Mantis below.

Zip’r Mantis

The heavy-duty Zip’r Mantis has a sturdy frame that holds up to 300 pounds and like the Roo, it won’t mark up your floors and won’t get a flat if riding outdoors. It has a similar ground clearance of 2 inches and is made for moving on smoother surfaces.

The 6-inch front and back casters provide more stability on inclines or uneven ground. It has a wonderful turning radius of less than two feet and a 15 mile range per battery charge. The 19-inch wide and 20-inch long seat is plush and has a comfortable headrest.

The armrests swing up for ease of movement and the footplate is rubberized providing a safe non-slip space to put your feet. You are also well-secured as you drive with an integrated seatbelt that’s standard on all Mantis power electric wheelchairs.

Though not specifically made for travelling, the Mantis can be broken down to fit a regular-sized trunk. The base and the seat come apart with the heaviest piece weighing 101 pounds. In total, the Mantis weighs 189 pounds.

The controller can be conveniently placed on either side of the driver and the joystick is easy to use. The chair has a speed dial so you can increase or decrease your maximum speed, and has a horn and power button.

There is an option to upgrade to a power-adjustable seat if needed. In that case the controller includes seat adjustment buttons that can raise or lower you by 6 inches. It is an excellent option that can really improve movement around the home or office.

The next scooter from Zip’r falls in between the Roo and the Mantis in terms of size and power.

Zip’r Xtra

The Zip’r 3 Xtra Mobility scooter is 103.9 pounds of awesome. This 3-wheeled scooter can be broken down into components with its heaviest piece weighing only 35 pounds. Remove the seat, separate front and back and just fold the tiller to be on your way. It is easy to store in an average car trunk. Basically, this scooter is a combination of the best in a travel scooter and the comfort of a more heavy-duty scooter. This scooter makes traveling convenient and comfortable and is TSA approved.

The 3 Xtra can support up to 255 pounds and go 4.25 mph. The two 12AH batteries can power up to 12 miles on a single charge. It has a 2.5 inch ground clearance so driving over rougher terrain is easier. The 16 by 16 inch height adjustable, swivel seat is padded and contoured for comfort. Varied width armrests can flip up and away for easy access to the seat.

The wheelbase is extended on the 3 Xtra for additional leg room. It is 40.5 inches long and has a small turning radius of 25.8 inches.

Standard to this model are two storage compartments. There is a metal basket mounted onto the tiller and a pocket on the back of the seat for smaller items. The Zip’r Xtra also comes standard with exceptionally bright headlights that keep you safe at night.

Why Buy Zip'r Mobility Scooters?

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Zip'r Mobility is a family-owned business that is committed to designing and manufacturing affordable, top-quality products that are easy to use, transport and maintain.

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