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Karman Healthcare Wheelchairs

Karmen Healthcare, since opening their doors in 1994, has been a leading designer of home medical products. They hire only the best in industry engineers, whose innovations have created over 100 different types, models, and alterations of mobility wheelchairs today. Their commitment to building the perfect chair and quality worksmanship is what it is all about.

Their mission is “Excellence Through Mobility.” It shows up in the development, design, manufacture and distribution of all their mobility devices. Recently, they added the remarkable stand-up power chair to their repertoire and they are one of the few companies to offer them.

Karmen Healthcare’s quality policy means being steadfast about improving lives but it also means respecting the environment and complying with any and all regulations. Customer-focused and continual improvement of their processes make this company one of the best to do business with.

They make manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, tilt-in-space wheelchairs, and now outstanding standing wheelchairs. They are located in City of Industry, California. Read More.

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Karman XO-202

One of our best selling stand-up chairs is the Karman XO-202. Numerous benefits that had previously been unavailable to those in a wheelchair are now changing lives. One of them is having the ability to move a wheelchair-bound person into a standing position. Standing improves kidney and bladder function, increases muscle tone, and provides better blood flow. Standing reduces muscle contraction and bone decalcification, lessoning the risk of osteoporosis. It improves personal reach and reduces the development of pressure sores and nerve pain. This model has gel cushioning, a 25 mile range on a single charge, and has a 250 pounds weight capacity. For many, the Karman XO-202 is just the thing that brings better well-being and independence all around.

Karman XO-505

An alternative to the 202 is the Karman XO-505 standing power wheelchair. You can move from a sitting position to a standing position in 15 seconds. It is one of the most advanced stand-up power wheelchairs on the market with its fully reclining feature with elevating leg rests, and an incredibly sturdy frame design that makes maneuvering easy. A technologically advanced LCD display controls the chairs’ features moving you into your most comfortable positions.

The XO-505 has a strong six-wheel design, a frame made with airplane-grade aluminum and a durability unheard of without adding more weight. The front and rear wheels are made to create the perfect balance no matter what position you choose. This is a chair that facilitates doing everyday tasks like cleaning around the house or shopping at the grocery store.

When moving from sitting to standing, you are able to stop at any desired angle along the way, providing a system that can really alleviate any pressure points. The XO-505 has rear shock absorbers for a smooth ride and many safety harnesses to secure you while moving. There is a large footplate with leg straps, a safety strap across your lap, and a dual chest harness.

This model has a 25 mile range per charge and an optional USB support for mobile devices. The luxury model has dual front headlights and dual rear lights with flashing. Karman developed the XO- 505 in response to customer feedback and it may be their best product.

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Karmen Healthcare has created over 100 different types, models, and alterations of mobility wheelchairs today. They have been a leading designer of home medical products since 1994.

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