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Karman Healthcare Wheelchairs

Established in 1994, Karman Healthcare has become an industry leader in home medical products. With a mission encapsulated in their motto "Excellence Through Mobility", Karman has consistently demonstrated their commitment to quality and innovation, delivering over 100 unique types and models of mobility wheelchairs.

The cornerstone of their success lies in their superb engineering and their ability to anticipate and respond to consumer needs. Among their exceptional offerings, their standing power chairs – the XO-505, XO-202, and XO-101 – represent a true revolution in mobility solutions.

These stand-up power chairs showcase Karman's pioneering spirit and dedication to improving lives while respecting the environment. Based in City of Industry, California, Karman Healthcare is more than just a manufacturer; they are a trusted partner in mobility. Choose Karman for an unparalleled blend of quality, innovation, and environmental consciousness.Read More.

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Karman XO-202

The Karman XO-202 Power Standing Wheelchair offers a unique blend of functionality, versatility, and luxury. This innovative model takes wheelchair mobility to a new level by providing the user the ability to transition from a seated position to a standing one with just the push of a button.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the XO-202 comes with a variety of features designed to enhance the user experience. It has a dual-function mechanism, serving as both a regular power wheelchair and a standing wheelchair. This functionality not only increases user independence and mobility but also offers significant health benefits, such as improved blood circulation and pressure relief.

The design of the XO-202 ensures optimum comfort and stability. The seat and backrest are padded, providing comfort during long periods of use. The wheelchair has been thoughtfully designed with a small turning radius of 25 degrees, allowing for easy maneuvering in tight spaces.

Battery Range 25 Miles
Max Speed 5 mph
Weight 110 lbs Without Batteries
Weight Capacity 250 lbs
Turning Radius 25 Degrees


  • Dual-function mechanism for seated and standing positions.
  • Easy to operate with user-friendly controls.
  • Provides health benefits by enabling standing positions.
  • Comfortable, padded seat and backrest.


  • May be heavier than standard power wheelchairs due to the standing mechanism.
  • Might be more expensive than standard power wheelchairs.
  • Not suitable for users exceeding the weight limit of 250 lbs.
  • The complex design might require a learning curve for new users.
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Karman XO-505

The Karman XO-505 Standing Power Wheelchair introduces a new level of mobility and independence, featuring a standing function combined with a powered wheelchair. This versatility allows users to comfortably transition between sitting and standing positions at their discretion.

The XO-505 presents cutting-edge features geared towards optimizing user experience. It also comes with a full recline option and elevating leg rest option as well for optimal blood flow throughout the user's whole body. This feature is instrumental in reducing pressure sores and improving overall comfort during extended periods of use.

Beyond its core functionalities, the XO-505 also incorporates thoughtful design elements for enhanced comfort and usability. The chair comes with an adjustable footrest, armrest, and headrest, allowing users to customize their seating experience according to their preferences. In addition, the chair is equipped with a supportive knee block and a safety belt for secure standing.

Weight Capacity 250 lbs
Turning Radius 25 Degrees
Seat Width 18"
Seat Depth 18"/19"/20"
Full Control LCD Display Yes


  • Offers the functionality of both a standing and power recline wheelchair.
  • Equipped with adjustable features for personalized comfort.
  • Comes with a full recline and elevating leg rest feature.
  • Standing function provides health benefits and increased independence.
  • Enhanced safety measures with a supportive knee block and safety belt.


  • The complexity of features may require a learning curve for new users.
  • It may be heavier and larger than other wheelchair models due to the added features.
  • Higher cost due to advanced features.
  • Not suitable for users exceeding the weight limit of 250 lbs.
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Karmen Healthcare has created over 100 different types, models, and alterations of mobility wheelchairs today. They have been a leading designer of home medical products since 1994.

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