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Geo Cruiser Power Wheelchairs

Geo Cruiser power wheelchairs are quickly becoming one of the more popular lightweight electric wheelchairs in the market today.

If you are in the market for a lightweight and portable power wheelchair, you found it! The Geo Cruiser comes in 3 different models. The Geo DX, Geo LX, and the Geo EX are all lightweight and portable.

These power wheelchairs were designed to fold and unfold in a matter of seconds. The Geo Cruiser power wheelchairs are guaranteed to ease your day to day limited and mobility challenges.

We compare all three models for you below. Read More.

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Choosing The Right Geo Cruiser Power Wheelchair

The biggest difference between the three is the overall weight of the wheelchair and the weight capacity. While there are a few differences between the portable power wheelchairs, they are all designed for extreme comfort, durability and ease of use.

Here are a few more features all of them come with.

  • Lightweight and portable so it's easier for you to carry
  • Fold and unfold in seconds making it easy for transport
  • Adjustable backrest and footrest to fit your needs
  • Pressure relief seat cushion
  • Quick-release joystick for your convenience
  • Extra padded armrests for max comfort
  • No-Slip footrest
  • Leg-Guards for extra safety
  • Travel friendly and airline approved

Let's see what separates the Geo Cruiser DX, Geo Cruiser LX, and the Geo Cruiser EX.

If at any point you want to know more about a specific model, just click "Check Latest Price" to see a full description.

As you can see the main differences are the total weight of the unit, the weight capacity, and overall size of the Geo Cruiser Power Wheelchairs.

The Geo Cruiser EX offers the largest motors and has large rear tires of 10" compared to just 8 inches on the other two models. It also has a front side suspension for a more smoother ride.

It also has 22 inches in between armrests making it much more convenient for those needing more width.

If you are in need of help also lifting your foldable power wheelchair, Pathway Mobility has a portable lift just for that. You can see it in their collection below along with all three models of the Geo Cruiser Power Wheelchairs.