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How To Keep Your Mobility Scooter Safe And Secure

February 16, 2023 3 min read

How To Keep Your Mobility Scooter Safe And Secure

When purchasing a mobility scooter, you should take precautions to keep it safe from theft and in top operational condition. Here are a few pointers for maintaining the security of your mobility device.

Install An Alarm

A standard feature of certain scooters is an anti-theft system. Putting in an alarm can be a simple way to secure your mobility device if your scooter does not already come with one. A mobility scooter alarm will produce a sound if motion is detected, just like any other alarm. It doesn't matter if someone is just sitting on your mobility scooter or is attempting to move it. The alarm will go off at the slightest bit of movement. Usually, these alarms have a number of volume-setting options.

Invest In A Wheel Clamp

Using a wheel clamp to fasten your mobility gadget is relatively inexpensive. The majority of the tools used by thieves have been tested to work with them. When in operation, the wheel clamp latches around one wheel and prevents the mobility aid from being driven away. If you can't reach the ground to fit the clamp, it could be challenging to use. When looking to purchase one, be sure to bring the appropriate measurements with you to ensure a good fit.

Track The Mobility Scooter

Installing a tracking device on your mobility scooter is a big advantage since it adds an extra degree of security and control in the event that it is stolen. A tracking device that uses GPS can locate your mobility scooter and send you a text message to let you know where it is. The majority of GPS trackers for bicycles can also be utilized for mobility devices.

Remove The Key

Never leave the key in a mobility scooter while it is unattended is the first guideline of mobility scooter security. When leaving your mobility scooter unattended, even for a brief time, always double check to be sure you have your key with you.

Store Your Mobility Scooter Safely Away


After a full day of traveling and enjoying yourself, where would you store your mobility scooter when home? At home you want to keep your mobility device inside and ideally in a spot where you can easily charge the battery. If you are unable to keep the mobility scooter inside, store it nearby and lock or fasten the wheels if necessary.

Insure Your Mobility Scooter

The final piece of advice for protecting your mobility scooter is to purchase insurance to protect your equipment in the event that it is stolen. To find out which kind of policy is the best for you and your equipment, talk to an insurance professional.

Financing Available

Are there financing options available?

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Abby Haukongo
Abby Haukongo