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8 Things You Need To Remember When Using Your Adult Mobility Scooter

March 22, 2021 4 min read

8 Things You Need To Remember When Using Your Adult Mobility Scooter

 Mobility scooters are a safe way to give elderly or disabled adults freedom. They allow you to get around without depending on someone else. 

While useful, there are some things you’ll need to contemplate. This article will explore more behind these devices and what to remember when you use them. 

8 Important Tips For Using Your Mobility Scooter

1. Do Consistent Maintenance

Maintaining your mobility scooter is vital. If you neglect to check its tires or the engine’s health, your expensive device will wear down. This will affect how well it works and could be detrimental to your welfare. 

Keeping your machine in good condition isn’t as hard as you might think. By doing a simple check-up of it every few days, you can ensure its components are working in harmony. 

Besides doing examinations, you should make sure to clean it off. This will remove grime and other particles that could cause rust. To wash your mobility scooter, simply grab a clean cloth and wipe it over the exterior. If necessary, carefully dip the rag into warm water to release stuck-on debris. You’ll then want to dry it off with a separate cloth. 

It’s also good to cover your appliance when you’re not using it. This will shield it from dents and strong UV rays that could dim its colorful shine. 

2. Take Things Slow

Adult mobility scooters can reach rapid speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. With this impressive pace, you might try to increase its momentum. 

You never want to speed with your mobility scooter. Despite its high limit, if you go too fast, you risk damaging your scooter and injuring yourself. 

As you ride your scooter, go somewhat slow. You should only increase your speed if you need to move out of an area quickly or catch up with someone. 

3.Check the Battery

Before you head out on your journey, check the battery. Mobility scooter batteries can go quickly. Most will last about 10 hours on a full charge. This amount could fluctuate depending on the terrain you’ve driven it on and the speed. 

Because of this, charge your battery when the scooter isn’t in use. Don’t assume that it still has enough power from your previous trip. If you want to know the current battery level, power on your mobility scooter. You should see a small battery icon on its control board that will show how much energy is left. 

4. Be Careful With Ramps

As mentioned above, always go slow with your mobility scooter. This is especially important on ramps. While ADA regulations require buildings to include ramps, some aren’t well-built. Some might have a steep incline or strange curve. Others might not have rails. 

When you drive your mobility scooter up one, take your time. Use your automatic handlebars to slowly inch your scooter up. If you need to turn on a switchback ramp, brainstorm ahead of time. Consider where you might need to start turning the wheels. If necessary, slowly reverse your mobility scooter so you can make the angle. 

5. Stay on Sidewalks

With your new independence, it can be tempting to drive along various terrains. While some scooters are built for this, such as an all-terrain mobility scooter, not all are. If you push your scooter to the limit, it will break. 

To keep your scooter in pristine shape, drive it along sidewalks as much as possible. This smooth surface is easy to roll on. You’ll also have a better view of potential debris and potholes that could puncture the tires. 

6. Use Its Accessories

As you zoom around with your mobility scooter, attach the included accessories. These items will improve your experience by ensuring you stay safe. 

Some products that might come with your mobility scooter are:

  • Baskets
  • Lights
  • Side mirrors
  • Horn
  • Cup holders
  • Oxygen tank containers

How you attach these items to your scooter varies, but this will usually be outlined in your owner’s manual. It’s crucial to reference this to make sure you install them correctly. 

7. Follow Pedestrian Signs and Stay Alert

You always need to follow pedestrian signs when driving a mobility scooter. These will keep you and others protected. 

Some mobility scooter drivers forget that they’re driving a large device. When you’re passing through a crowded area, stay to the side. Always go slow and be diligent about people walking near you. This will prevent you from accidentally wounding someone. 

8. Practice Good Posture

This can be difficult for some, but proper mobility scooter posture has its benefits. Good posture will keep you secure in the vehicle. It will also release pressure around your body that could cause soreness. 

To achieve correct posture, consider putting cushions around your body to prop it up. You could also wrap a chest belt around you. This will encourage your back to rest against the seat to prevent slouching. Another alternative would be to install lateral support.

Can Scooters Be Driven On the Road?

This depends on the scooter model and local laws. In some areas, mobility scooters are allowed on the road, but they must reach a specific speed. Other jurisdictions might ban mobility scooters because they are considered a hazard. You’ll need to check in advance if driving your mobility scooter on a street is legal. 

If you plan to drive your adult mobility scooter on roads, you’ll need mobility scooter insurance. This will insure your scooter in case of:

  • Theft
  • Injuries
  • Repairs

Most mobility scooter insurances will cover you for three years. Keep in mind that some will vary in their premiums and deductibles. You’ll need to carefully read the policy and ask questions to ensure it has your best interest in mind. 


Mobility scooters are easy to use but you need to be careful with them. By keeping this information in mind, you’ll stay safe and prolong the mobility scooter’s lifespan. 

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