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5 steps to speeding up any motorized scooter for the elderly

5 Steps To Speeding Up Any Motorized Scooter for the Elderly

4 min read

Motorized scooters are a great way to help the elderly stay independent and on the move. However, if they are too slow, it could make it hard for them to keep up with others. A slow scooter could also become a nuisance because its battery keeps running out. This article will explore more behind why a motorized scooter might be too slow and a few ways you can easily increase scooter speed. 
4 Fastest scooters for disabled and elderly in the market

4 Fastest Scooters for Disabled and Elderly In the Market

4 min read

Mobility scooters are a great transport option for those who are disabled or elderly. They’re not comfortable, but encourage independence. You’ll find though that not all of these products are made the same. Some could be a bit slow due to a poor battery design or insufficient motor. Others might have cheap tires that pop easily.