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Affiliate Program

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Do you want to make money just by telling people about our mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs? You can accomplish just that with the Electric Wheelchairs USA Affiliate Program, and it's simple! You will have the ability to market the top companies in the mobility business as an affiliate with us. With commissions of 5%, we believe this is one of the best affiliate programs available.

It's simple to join our affiliate program. Simply fill out the form below to create an account and begin referring clients using your own affiliate link. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait to be paid!

You'll have access to your own private dashboard after signing up, where you can see all of your sales, visitors, and sales made by those who used your referral link.

Details on the Everlasting Mobility Affiliate Program:

  • The commission fee is 5%.
  • Cookies for 30 days
  • The minimum payout is $20.
  • After a 30-day grace period from the moment of sale, payments are made through PayPal on the 1st of each month.

The process is very simple:

  1. Visitor uses your unique referral link to go to our site.
  2. The visitor’s IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes.
  3. The visitor browses our site and may decide to order.
  4. If the visitor orders (the order does not need to be placed during the same browser session – cookies and IPs are stored up to a configurable amount of time), the order will be registered as a sale for you and you will receive a commission for this sale.

Link To Any Page On Our Site!

Simply add your affiliate to the end of any page on our site and it now becomes an affiliate link for you.

Ex: If my affiliate number was 1, and I wanted to link to the homepage, my link would look like this -

Simply add the ?aff=1 to any page on our site using your affiliate number, and any page can be an affiliate link for you.