Pre-Buying Checklist - Power Wheelchairs

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Power Wheelchairs

  • Will the mobility scooter be used for everyday use, outdoors or outdoors?
  • Does the turning radius suit your needs?
  • Is the weight capacity the right one for you and all your needs?
  • How long of battery life do you need? 
  • Which one is the best value for your money with all your needs in mind? 

Power Wheelchairs:

  • Check to see if the wheelchair folds. 
  • Check to see if different seat sizes are available. 
  • Check to see if the seats are adjustable. 
  • Check to see if the seat can be upgraded to one that fits your needs.

    Power Wheelchair Mobility:

    • Check the tires that come with the scooter.
    • Check the ground clearance the scooter has. 
    • Check the range the scooter has.  

    Mobility Scooters Pre-Buying Checklist 

    Check out our 2020 Power Wheelchair Catalog

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