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Pre-Buying Checklist - Power Wheelchairs

General Power Wheelchair Checklist:

  1. Purpose of Use: Determine the primary use for your power wheelchair. Will it be for everyday activities, indoors, outdoors, or both?
  2. Turning Radius: Ensure the wheelchair's turning radius is adequate, especially if navigating tight spaces or confined areas.
  3. Weight Capacity: Ensure the power wheelchair supports your weight, along with any personal belongings or medical equipment you may carry.
  4. Battery Life: Estimate how often and how far you'll travel daily. Does the wheelchair's battery life cater to those requirements?
  5. Value for Money: Balance features, durability, warranty, and price to gauge the best value for your specific needs.

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair Checklist:

  1. Tire Durability: Check if the tires can withstand rugged terrains and frequent outdoor usage.
  2. Ground Clearance: A higher ground clearance will handle bumps and uneven terrains better.
  3. Travel Range: Ensure the wheelchair's range meets your daily distance requirements.

Portable Power Wheelchair Checklist:

  1. Portability Features: Verify if it can be disassembled or folded for transport or storage.
  2. Weight of Parts: Check if the disassembled pieces or folded wheelchair are lightweight enough for you to manage.

Rear Wheel Drive/Front Wheel Drive/Mid-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair:

  1. Drive Suitability: Understand the benefits and drawbacks of each drive type, and choose what suits your terrain and maneuverability needs. For example, mid-wheel drives might offer better turning in tight spaces, while rear-wheel drives could provide better stability.
  2. Stability: Check for any additional stability features, especially if you plan to use the wheelchair on uneven terrains or slopes.

Folding Power Wheelchair Checklist:

  1. Ease of Folding: Determine how quickly and effortlessly the wheelchair can be folded.
  2. Folded Size: Ensure the folded size fits your storage needs, be it in a vehicle or at home.

Seat & Comfort:

  1. Seat Sizes: Confirm if there are different seat sizes available and which size fits you best.
  2. Seat Adjustability: Determine if the seats can be adjusted in terms of height, depth, or tilt.
  3. Upgrade Options: If needed, ensure the wheelchair model allows for seat upgrades or additions for enhanced comfort or support.

Remember, your unique needs and preferences are crucial. Always consult with a specialist at Everlasting Mobility to ensure you select the perfect power wheelchair for you.  Give us a call at 800-498-2560.  We have agents standing by everyday from 8am - 8pm est!


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