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4 Reasons Why Your Aged Family Members May Need an Electric Scooter for Seniors

May 03, 2021 4 min read

4 Reasons Why Your Aged Family Members May Need an Electric Scooter for Seniors

Elderly people can experience severe health problems, including arthritis and diabetes. This could make it grueling for them to move around. Because of this, many become depressed because they can’t live life normally. Thankfully, there are various methods they can use to reclaim their independence. One of these is with the help of electric scooters. 

This article will explore a few reasons why an older family member might need a mobility scooter. You’ll also discover some tips so you can figure out the best one for their needs.

4 Reasons Your Elderly Family Member Might Need an Electric Scooter

1. They Have Trouble Moving

If your aged family member has difficulty moving, they might want to use an electric scooter. These devices will aid them in getting around with ease. 

The scooters can also safeguard them from falling. If they don’t have the strength to walk, mobility scooters can transport them. 

Depending on how severe their condition is, a senior could get the electric scooter for free. Medicare will provide complimentary models to those enrolled in its Part B plan. While a lengthy process, it’s worthwhile if they’re unable to afford one. 

There are some mobility scooter requirements though if you plan to take this route. First, your family member must undergo a medical evaluation. This will then be sent to Medicare officials who will either confirm or deny the request. If confirmed, you’ll then need to be in contact with a mobility scooter supplier. The supplier must do a final home inspection to verify that the senior needs a scooter. 

2. They’re Looking to Regain Their Independence

An electric scooter can boost a senior’s independence. They no longer need to rely on a caretaker to help them move. Instead, they can hop on their mobility scooter and get to where they need to be. 

There is an array of mobility scooters available. These can assist them with getting around indoors or outdoors. Many can also be customized to go a certain speed or have specific features. 

3. They Need Comfort When Traveling

Some seniors might just want to have a comfortable place to rest when on the go. Most electric scooters for seniors have large plush seats. Your family member can sit on it when they need a break. 

If necessary, they could also invest in separate cushions. They can place one on the seat for better stability and relaxation. 

4. They Must Transport Medical Supplies

Many seniors need to carry medical items with them. Based on their needs, they might need to have more than one object with them at once. 

An electric scooter for seniors is built to hold healthcare equipment. You’ll find that it can be furnished with everything from oxygen tank holders to cane clips. Your family member can use it to haul their required medical supplies.

When Should I Buy a Mobility Scooter?

There are a few instances when a mobility scooter might be necessary sooner than later. If a senior is having trouble with a walker or cane, it might be best to use these appliances. You should also look to get one if your relative has trouble breathing when walking or a lack of energy. 

For those who are hesitant about buying one, consider talking with a doctor. They can do an evaluation and decide if these devices are good to purchase. You could also stop by a mobility scooter supplier. They’ll listen to your concerns and show you the best models for seniors. 

Are Mobility Scooters Safe?

Mobility scooters are built with safety in mind. For most, they will only go up to five miles per hour. They also contain large seats with armrests to ensure riders are secure. 

While safe, drivers need to use caution. If they twist the scooter past its normal turning radius, it could tilt over. If they don’t pay attention, they might also go over a rough bump that could jolt them. 

To avert these problems, there are a handful of things that can be done. These include:

  • Staying on flat, smooth surfaces. 
  • Wearing a helmet.  
  • Moving at a slow speed. 
  • Being diligent of obstacles around you. 

Types Senior Mobility Scooters

There are plenty of mobility scooters seniors can choose from. Here are some of the best models for them. 


three-wheel mobility scooter has one wheel in the front and two behind it. This compact model is built for indoor use thanks to its size and easy maneuverability. Three-wheel scooters also have a long floorboard. This prevents your legs from being stuck in one position which could cause cramps. 


A four-wheel scooter has four wheels around its base. This provides good stability and makes it ideal to use both indoors and outdoors. Many have swivel seats so you can safely get off them. 

Rough Terrain

These heavy-duty mobility scooters easily glide over many terrains. Due to this, users won’t have to worry about the tires popping should they move over bumpy surfaces. To stop you from jostling around, they have strong tire suspension. This keeps the wheels in place but stops vibrations that could irritate riders. 


A travel mobility scooter is like a three-wheel option, but a bit smaller. It’s designed for portability and can be folded and stored in a vehicle. This makes them perfect for seniors who are on the go and need something simple. 


Long-range mobility scooters come with four wheels and have a powerful battery. This allows them to travel up to 25 miles on a single charge. Long-range scooters also move faster and have the capability to go up to 15 miles per hour. 

To Conclude

Mobility scooters are a useful way to keep seniors active and independent. They’re safe to drive and come with a plethora of user-friendly features. 

There are many senior mobility scooters available, like the Shoprider Sprinter XL 4. If you have questions about electric scooters, Everlasting Mobility can help. Our professional staff will ensure you find the right device. 

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