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The Top 7 Foldable Power Wheelchairs of 2024: How to Choose the Right Powered Chair for Your Needs

April 28, 2022 14 min read

The Top 7 Foldable Power Wheelchairs Article

The Top 7 Foldable Power Wheelchairs of 2022: How to Choose the Right Powered Chair for Your Needs

Planning on traveling in the near future? Do you need a powered wheelchair so you can enjoy the sights and sounds of exotic locations?

Or, maybe you want the freedom to independently do errands, visit your local shopping mall and enjoy a beautiful day in a park?

For those of us with mobility challenges, walking or standing for long periods of time can cause discomfort (even pain). It might even reach a point where we can't continue due to excruciating pain.

Lightweight electric wheelchairs make life easier, especially if you can fold the chair for easy storage (both in a car and on an airplane/cruise). Foldable electric wheelchairs are designed for travel, whether it's in your car, on a plane or sailing the blue oceans on a cruise liner.

If you're shopping for a new power wheelchair, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all of the different options on the market. With so many different types, brands, and features to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start.

But don't worry--we're here to help. 

In this article, we'll introduce you to the top seven foldable power wheelchairs of 2022. We'll also give you tips on how to choose the right powered chair for your needs.

But Before We Dive Into Specific Folding Powered Wheelchairs…

Let's take a look at what key features to look for in great folding electric wheelchairs.

There are a few things you'll want to keep in mind. First, you'll need to decide what type of chair is right for you. There are two main types of power chairs:

Electric wheelchairs 

These chairs are powered by batteries and can be operated using a joystick or other hand controls.


These chairs are powered by batteries and have handlebars or tillers that the user steers, like a scooter.

Now let’s look at some important features to consider:

Battery life 

How long does the battery last on a single charge? This is important to consider if you'll be using the chair for long periods of time.

Weight capacity

How much weight can the chair support? This is important to consider if you're a bigger person or if you'll be carrying any additional weight (like a backpack or carry-on bag).

Turning radius

How tight can the chair turn? This is important to consider if you'll be using the chair in tight spaces. Busy airports often have areas where turning around is difficult (like around security checkpoints). Please make sure your chair has a good turning radius so you don't find yourself in a pickle...

Storage space 

Does the chair have any storage space? This is important to consider if you'll be carrying any personal belongings with you on your travels. For valuable items such as a purse or bag containing all of your travel documents, it's best to store these items in an under-seat storage basket/pouch. If you keep your valuables easily within reach, bad people might take advantage of you.

Folds easily

Can the chair be folded for easy transport? This is important when traveling because a foldable chair takes up less space. It fits easily into a car trunk and airlines love these chairs because they are easy to store during the flight. Folding power wheelchairs are specifically designed to be easy to store when not in use or when traveling.

And the top question most people ask when they're planning on flying to a new and exciting location...

What Will It Cost To Take A Power Wheelchair On An Airplane?

When it comes to air travel and power wheelchairs, the cost can vary greatly. It all depends on the airline you fly with and the type of chair you have. Be sure to check with your airline before you travel to find out their policy.

When it comes to choosing the right power wheelchair for air travel, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you'll want to make sure that the chair is comfortable and easy to use. You'll also want to make sure that it's lightweight and compact so that it's easy to transport. Finally, you'll want to make sure that the chair is approved by the FAA.

How Do I Know If A Power Wheelchair Is Airline Approved?

When it comes to choosing a power wheelchair, one of the key considerations is whether or not the chair is airline approved. This is important for those who may need to travel by air with their chair. There are a few things that make a power wheelchair airline approved:

  • First, the chair must have a lithium ion battery. This type of battery is generally allowed on planes.
  • Second, if the chair folds down small enough, it may be able to store the chair in the passenger cabin. If it doesn’t fold, the chair will need to be stored in the baggage compartment below.

These are just a few of the things that make electric wheelchairs airline approved. When choosing a power chair, it is important to consider all of these factors.

Now that you know what to look for, let's take a look at the top seven foldable power wheelchairs of 2022.

1. ComfyGo IQ-7000 Remote Control Top Folding Electric Wheelchair

ComfyGo IQ-7000 Remote Control Folding Electric Wheelchair

The IQ-7000 Remote Control Electric Wheelchair can be the perfect travel companion for you or your loved one. 

Folds together in only 3 seconds and easily fits into most vehicle trunks.

You can choose from a variety of customizable features. There are five distinct frame color options to pick from: black, bronze, silver, yellow, and black and red.

Seat cushions and seat backs are available in black, blue, red, taba, and standard as well.

You can also select between manual and automated folding options.

And what's amazing about this ComfyGo model is you can maneuver it with the remote control. This is great when you want to sit somewhere without your wheelchair being parked right up against you (and in the way like at a dinner table), or, for those with visual impairment, someone can support them by taking control of the remote and driving the chair for them.


  • Convenient and easy to fold in just 3 seconds, making it perfect for travel or transportation.
  • Customizable features including frame color and seat cushion options.
  • Option for manual or automated folding for added convenience.
  • Ability to maneuver the wheelchair with a remote control, perfect for those with limited mobility or visual impairment.


  • No headrest.
  • No locked storage compartment.
  • Not designed to drive up and down steep slopes.

IQ-7000 Key Specifications:

  • Max Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Max Speed: 4 mph
  • Max Distance*: * 13 miles
  • Turning Radius: ≤ 33 inch
  • Seat Size: 18”x18” (width x deep)

2. Vive Health Foldable Top Power Wheelchair

Vive Health Foldable Power Wheelchair - Everlasting Mobility

The ultimate wheelchair for those who wish to travel in comfort and style!

The Vive Health Folding Power Wheelchair allows you to cruise around all day and be comfortable the entire time due to its wide seat. These models are simply amazing for travel purposes!

This chair is also easy to manage. Simply unlock the frame lock and fold the chair in seconds. The chair easily fits into the back of most vehicles.

The Vive Health Folding Power Wheelchair has a weight capacity of 265 pounds and can reach a top speed of 3.7 mph. The lithium-ion battery offers up to 6.2 miles on a single charge.

Other great features include height adjustable armrests and seat back… even an adjustable seatbelt which make these power chairs even more comfortable!


  • Comfortable and Stylish: With a wide seat and sleek design, this wheelchair provides ultimate comfort and style while traveling.
  • Easy to Manage: Folding the chair is a breeze with the frame lock and compact size, making it easy to transport in most vehicles.
  • High Weight Capacity and Speed: With a weight capacity of 265 pounds and top speed of 3.7 mph, this wheelchair can accommodate a variety of users.
  • Long Battery Life: The lithium-ion battery offers up to 6.2 miles on a single charge, allowing for all-day use without worrying about running out of power.
  • Adjustable Features: Height adjustable armrests and seat back, as well as an adjustable seatbelt, provide customizable comfort for each individual user.


  • No headrest.
  • No locked storage compartment.
  • Not designed to drive up and down steep slopes.

Vive Foldable Power Wheelchair Key Specifications:

  • Top Speed: 3.70 mph
  • Range Per Charge: 6.2 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 260 lbs.
  • Total Weight: 67.8 lbs.

3. Merits P101 Top Folding Power Wheelchair

Merits P101 Folding Power Wheelchair - Everlasting Mobility

Looking for a power chair that combines the convenience of a folding manual wheelchair with long-lasting battery life? Look no further than the Merits Health P101 Travel-Ease Electric Folding Power Chair. This remarkable chair offers comfort, convenience, and an excellent driving range.

Designed to make your life easier, the P101 Folding Power Chair is built with a compact and foldable design that fits through narrow doorways and enhances stability. Loading and unloading is a breeze, making transportation effortless. Plus, without batteries, it weighs only 86 pounds!

If you love going on long outings, the Merits Health P101 Travel-Ease Electric Folding Power Chair is perfect for you. With its advanced technology and smooth ride, this chair is like no other. It mimics the design of a manual wheelchair but has two batteries beneath the seat that provide an impressive 18 miles of driving range when fully charged.

No more hassle with charging or folding! The foldable Merits Power Chair comes with easily removable U1 batteries that provide all-day power. Thanks to a flexible battery bracket, simply release the battery straps and pop out the batteries for charging or transit.

Feel safe and stress-free wherever you go with the Travel-Ease Electric Folding Power Chair. With its heavy-duty wheels and casters, this durable chair can handle any terrain. It even has a 4.8-inch ground clearance and an incredible incline rating of 10 degrees!

Perfect for indoor use as well, the compact design of the Merits Health P101 power chair makes it great for navigating tight corners at home or in stores. Its excellent maneuverability allows for easy movement in confined spaces with its 23-inch turning radius.

Say goodbye to discomfort! The P101 offers a supportive seat with a weight capability of up to 300 lbs. Choose between a 16", 18", or 20" seat width to find the perfect fit for you. The armrests fold up and the footrests swing away, making getting in and out of the chair a breeze. And for those who need extra leg support, there's an option to upgrade to elevating leg rests.

Don't miss out on the incredible features of the Merits Health P101 Travel-Ease Electric Folding Power Chair. Experience comfort, convenience, and freedom like never before!


  • Combines the convenience of a folding manual wheelchair with long-lasting battery life.
  • Compact and foldable design for easy transportation and storage.
  • Lightweight without batteries, making it easier to load and unload.
  • Heavy-duty wheels and casters for handling any terrain.
  • 4.8-inch ground clearance and 10 degree incline rating for added safety.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Limited padding on the chair.
  • No headrest.
  • No option for overhead canopy.

Merits P101 Key Specifications:

  • Top Speed: 4 mph
  • Battery Range: 18 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Unit Weight: 209 lbs.
  • Turning Radius: 23 inches

4. ComfyGo X-6 Lightweight Top Selling Electric Wheelchair

ComfyGo X-6 Lightweight Electric Wheelchair - Everlasting Mobility

Looking for a lightweight and comfortable electric wheelchair that won't break the bank? Look no further than the ComfyGo X-6. This chair is perfect for everyday use and comes in a range of colors to match your style.

Convenient and built to last, the ComfyGo X-6 is one of the lightest folding motorized wheelchairs available today. Weighing only 57 pounds with the battery or just 50 pounds without, it's easy to transport and store. It even fits in most car trunks!

Charging this ComfyGo power chair is a breeze - simply plug in the charger directly at the joystick. And if you're a frequent traveler, you'll love its airline compatibility. Plus, with a waterproof joystick, you don't have to worry about it getting wet.

The X-6 has a 13-mile battery range, making it perfect for all-day use. It takes around 6-8 hours to fully charge the batteries. Don't sacrifice functionality for affordability - get all three with the ComfyGo X-6 folding power wheelchair.


  • Lightweight and compact for easy transport and storage
  • Convenient charging with a waterproof joystick
  • Airline compatible for frequent travelers
  • 13-mile battery range for all-day use
  • Quick charge time of 6-8 hours
  • Affordable without sacrificing functionality


  • Limited padding on the chair.
  • No headrest.
  • No option for overhead canopy.

ComfyGo X-6 Key Specifications:

  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs.
  • Max Speed: 4 mph.
  • Range: Up to 13 Miles
  • Turning Radius: ≤ 33 inches / 838 mm
  • Seat Area Width: 17 inches / 450 mm

5. ComfyGo IQ-9000 Long Range Top Selling Folding Power Wheelchair

Experience the convenience and freedom of the ComfyGo IQ-9000. This remarkable wheelchair is not only one of the best in its class, but it also offers a host of incredible features that will exceed your expectations.

Weighing in at just 55 lbs. for the 16" seat and 61 lbs. for the 18" seat, this lightweight yet heavy-duty power wheelchair is perfect for those on the go. With a maximum weight capacity of 286 lbs. for the 16" seat and 310 lbs. for the wider 18" seat, you can trust that this chair has your back.

One standout feature of this chair is its wireless remote control. Say goodbye to manual operation - with the ComfyGo IQ-9000, you can effortlessly control your wheelchair from a distance, making it easier than ever to maneuver and access different rooms.



Not only is this wheelchair easy to use, but it's also incredibly convenient to transport. Thanks to its folding design, it can be quickly folded up and stored in most vehicle trunks. Plus, with a headrest for auto recline and an adjustable backrest, you'll always find your perfect level of comfort.

Customization is key with the IQ-9000. Choose from two sleek color combinations for the frame - black or black and red. And when it comes to cushion and backrest colors, we offer five different options: standard, black, blue, red, or taba. Plus, there are two variations available for those who prefer a narrower seat width or an expanded 18" seat.

For active individuals who love to travel, this wheelchair is an ideal choice. Not only is it lightweight and compact, but it's also approved for airline travel. Say goodbye to limitations - with this ComfyGo power wheelchair by your side, the world is yours to explore.

Discover a new level of comfort and mobility with the ComfyGo IQ-9000. Featuring a memory foam seat for added comfort, this wheelchair was designed to exceed your expectations. Don't settle for anything less - choose the IQ-9000 and experience true freedom.


  • Lightweight yet heavy-duty, perfect for those on the go.
  • Wireless remote control for effortless maneuvering.
  • Easily folds for convenient transportation and storage.
  • Adjustable backrest and headrest for customizable comfort.
  • Sleek color options for frame and cushion/backrest customization to fit your style.


  • No option for overhead canopy.
  • Not designed for driving over rough terrain.
  • No dedicated storage space for personal belongings.

ComfyGo IQ-9000 Key Specifications:

  • Overall Product Weight: Approx. 55 lbs.
  • Max Speed: 4 mph
  • Drive Range: Approx. 19 miles per full battery charge
  • Max Loading Weight: 286 lbs.
  • Turning Radius: ≤ 47 inches

6. Pride Jazzy Carbon Travel Lite Top Selling Power Chair



Say goodbye to heavy, cumbersome wheelchairs and hello to lightweight freedom. The Pride Jazzy Carbon is the answer to your mobility needs. This folding power wheelchair is one of the lightest on the market, weighing in at just 43.6 pounds.

Don't let its light weight deceive you - this chair is incredibly strong and durable. Made with a carbon fiber frame, it can withstand whatever challenges come your way. Travel up to 9.3 miles at a top speed of 3.7 mph.

Need to travel? No problem! The Jazzy Carbon is designed for easy transport. Simply fold it up and store it safely in your closet or trunk. It's even approved for air travel, so you can take it on planes without any hassle.



Whether you're navigating busy airports or cruising around town, this power chair has you covered. With front suspension, your ride will be smooth and comfortable. Plus, if you ever run out of battery or want to save power, you can easily switch to manual mode with the free-wheel levers.

Traveling shouldn't be a burden - it should be an adventure! That's why we've equipped the Jazzy Carbon with features specifically designed for travelers like you. From complying with airline regulations to providing ample storage space for all your belongings, we've got every detail covered.

No more searching for outlets in crowded terminals - our detachable joystick has a built-in USB charging connector for your tablet or smartphone. And with a padded seat back and detachable cushion, your journey will be as comfortable as can be.

Choose this Pride Folding Power Chair and experience unrivaled convenience and style on every trip. With our industry-leading warranty and reputation for innovation, you can trust that Pride Mobility has designed a product that won't let you down. Start your mobility revolution today!


  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Strong and durable carbon fiber frame
  • Approved for air travel
  • Front suspension for a smooth ride
  • Manual mode option for battery conservation
  • Designed specifically for travelers with special features such as USB charging and ample storage space


  • No headrest.
  • No locked storage space for valuables.
  • Not designed for travel over rocky ground.

Jazzy Carbon Travel Lite Key Specifications:

  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Overall Product Weight: 43 lbs.
  • Top Speed: 3.7 mph
  • Max Speed: 3.7 mph
  • Ground Clearance: 2"

7. Feather Mobility Lightweight Top Selling Power Chair (33lbs)


Experience the ultimate lightweight power chair with the Feather Power Chair by Feather Mobility. Weighing only 33 pounds, it holds the title of the lightest power chair on Earth. This electric wheelchair is designed to be easily transportable and maneuverable, providing you with the freedom to go wherever you desire without any hassle.

At just 33 lbs., this electric wheelchair is incredibly lightweight and portable, making it perfect for those who are always on the move. Its compact design allows it to fit into any car or navigate through tight spaces effortlessly. No matter if you're traveling or going about your daily routine, this folding power chair offers unparalleled convenience and portability.

Don't underestimate its lightweight build - this powerchair prioritizes comfort and functionality. With a robust frame and supportive seating, you can enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride every time.



Safety is a top priority in the design of this lightweight, folding wheelchair. For extra peace of mind, optional safety features such as seat belts and anti-tippers are available. The seat belt keeps users securely in place, while the anti-tippers prevent tipping over for a safe and stable ride.

The Feather Power Chair's rear-wheel drive and easy folding features make storage and transportation incredibly convenient. It collapses into a compact size that fits effortlessly into any car trunk or coat closet. With just a few simple steps, you can fold it down for storage or transport.

Don't sacrifice comfort or convenience when it comes to mobility solutions. Choose the Feather Power Chair for its lightweight design, easy folding features, and supportive seating for a smooth ride every time. Prioritize safety and security while on the go with optional add-ons like seat belts and anti-tippers. Experience unmatched convenience with its effortless storage and transportation capabilities.


  • The lightest power chair on Earth, weighing only 33 lbs.
  • Compact and easily transportable design for maximum convenience.
  • Comfortable and sturdy frame for a smooth ride.
  • Optional safety features available for peace of mind.
  • Rear-wheel drive and easy folding for effortless storage and transportation.


  • Limited cushioning due to weight and size.
  • No headrest.
  • Not designed to drive up steep inclines and rough terrain.

Feather Lightweight Key Specifications:

  • Weight Capacity: 242.5 lbs.
  • Seat Width: 17.72"
  • Turning Radius: 47.24"
  • Max Speed: 3.7 mph
  • Driving Range: 13 Miles


Picking the right foldable power wheelchair for your needs doesn't have to be complicated. With this list of the top 7 foldable power wheelchairs of 2022, you're sure to find one that folds easily, has great driving range and great portability options.

And, if you're still not sure which one is right for you, be sure to consult with your doctor or a mobility specialist to find the best option.

Here at Everlasting Mobility, we have mobility experts on staff. 

They can answer any questions you may have and provide a list of potential options based on your specific needs, wants, and budget. Simply give us a call at 800-498-2560. We are open everyday 8 am to 8 pm EST.

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Between our special offers and lowest price guarantee... there's never been a better time to experience the amazing travel benefits associated with the folding power chairs above.

If you have any questions, you can also contact our customer support team at 800-498-2560 today!

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