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eFoldi Lite Ultra Lightweight Mobility Scooter

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eFoldi Lite Ultra Lightweight Mobility Scooter by eFoldi


In search of cutting-edge advancements in the realm of mobility scooters? Get ready for an incredible adventure with the innovative eFoldi Lite mobility scooter! This revolutionary scooter is here to transform the world of folding scooters. Weighing only 33lbs, it is incredibly lightweight and folds down effortlessly to a compact and easily manageable size. Whether you're a frequent traveler or an adventurous soul, this scooter is designed with your convenience in mind. Say goodbye to heavy and bulky scooters and say hello to the game-changing eFoldi Lite mobility scooter!


Premium High-Speed Charging Battery

The eFoldi Lite is designed with a focus on efficiency and convenience, including its lightning-fast charging capability. Thanks to its advanced Li-ion battery technology, the scooter can be fully charged in just 5 hours. This means you can quickly recharge during a short break and get back on the road without delay. No more enduring long waiting times for your scooter to charge instead, you can enjoy uninterrupted adventures and make the most of your valuable time. Say farewell to extended charging periods and embrace the swift recharging feature of the eFoldi Lite for a hassle-free experience.

Durable & Reliable Tires

The eFoldi Lite mobility scooter boasts durable and dependable tires that guarantee a comfortable and seamless ride for users. These tires are thoughtfully engineered to offer exceptional stability and traction, catering to both indoor and outdoor environments.

Constructed from top-notch materials, they exhibit remarkable durability and resilience against everyday wear and tear. To ensure stability when stationary, the scooter's tires are equipped with magnetic locks that securely hold their position. Whether maneuvering through crowded areas or tackling rough surfaces, the eFoldi Lite's tires provide a reliable grip and consistent performance.

Effortless Mobility

The eFoldi Lite is the ultimate champion of portability. With its lightweight design, this scooter effortlessly folds and unfolds, allowing you to carry it with ease to any destination. Say farewell to the days of struggling with heavy and unwieldy scooters. The eFoldi Lite provides you with the freedom to travel anywhere you desire without the burden of weight or bulk.

Quick to Transport

Effortlessly transporting the eFoldi Lite scooter is a breeze, thanks to its lightweight frame and user-friendly design. You can conveniently load it into the trunk of your car without any hassle, ensuring comfort throughout the process. Whether you're embarking on road trips or enjoying family outings, the eFoldi Lite will faithfully accompany you whenever you need it. With this scooter, you can fully immerse yourself in your adventures and experience seamless mobility with absolute ease.

High-End Performance

Despite its lightweight design, the eFoldi Lite doesn't compromise on performance. Equipped with a powerful lithium battery, this scooter can travel an impressive 14 miles on a single charge. Its exceptional range opens up a world of possibilities for you.

Whether you need to run errands, explore your neighborhood, or simply enjoy a relaxing ride, the eFoldi Lite is up to the task and will seamlessly support your day-to-day activities. Get ready to experience the convenience and freedom this scooter brings to your life.

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eFoldi Lite Lightweight Mobility Scooter Owner's Manual

eFoldi Lite Lightweight Mobility Scooter Product Brochure


eFoldi Lite Lightweight Mobility Scooter Benefits & Features:

  • Very lightweight magnesium frame
  • Folds and unfolds in seconds
  • Easy to set up and fold
  • Large pneumatic tyres
  • Sprung suspension seat
  • Lithium battery
  • Removeable battery
  • Solid front tyre
  • 3 wheels
  • Rear roller wheels
  • 266 lbs carrying capacity
  • Quality components
  • Near silent 250 watt brushless aluminium motor
  • Automatic electromagnetic brake system
  • Tiller can be used to move the product
  • Free wheel mode
  • Removeable wheels
  • Full UK warranty and support network
  • Easy to lift/manage
  • Easy to unfold with minimal bending and store in car or inside the house/plane/cruise ship and you don’t have to take it apart into bits
  • Quick and potentially means you can do it on your own to maintain independence
  • Comfortable ride and goes over rougher terrain, allows better ground clearance and stability
  • Helps make a comfortable ride
  • Light to lift, quick to charge and travel up to 10 miles/35 lbs, suitable for air transport
  • Means you can leave the product in the car and just take the battery out to charge
  • Puncture proof so no punctures
  • More manoevrable in tighter spaces and more leg room
  • Easy to move sideways in car boot/house once folded for storage
  • Well built and able to manage even with a heavier customer
  • Means the product will last for longer and perform better
  • Powerful, easy maintenance and reliable
  • Makes driving simple and safe
  • Makes it easy to move around and up and down steps
  • Means you can manually push if required
  • Makes the product lighter and easier to store
  • Means you can buy with confidence


eFoldi Lite Lightweight Mobility Scooter Specifications:

    4 MPH
    10 Miles
    Max User weight 266 lbs
    Climbing Gradient 1:10 Gradient
    Folded Dimensions
    26 x 22 x 16 inches
    Weight excl Battery 33 lbs
    Weight incl Battery 37 lbs
    Braking System Electro-Magnetic
    Airline Friendly Yes

    eFoldi Lite Lightweight Mobility Scooter Warranty:

    eFOLDi Lite 12-Month Warranty covers: Defects in certain materials and workmanship in the eFOLDi Explorer; The frame, subframe, forks, steering column, and rear wheels; The motor, charger, controller unit, indicators, horn, brake lever, and headlight; and the battery.

    What is NOT covered: Damage caused by the owner attempting to modify, fix or alter the eFOLDi Explorer; Damage caused by improper use; Tires, inner tubes, brake pads, brake cable, fuses and lightbulbs which are subject to wear and tear; and unplanned product obsolescence after the warranty expires.

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