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Quingo Ultra Mobility Scooter

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Ultra Mobility Scooter by Quingo

Quingo Ultra Mobility Scooter Side View FREE Cover, Cup Holder and Arm Bag


Are you searching for a scooter that offers lower weight, greater styling, and awesome portability?  Well, look no further than the Quingo Ultra Mobility Scooter. This scooter can be quickly disassembled and loaded into the trunk of even small cars thanks to its aluminum construction. It is also reasonably priced and provides a wide range of performance and safety features.




A great benefit from the Ultra is that you can charge your batteries either on the unit or off the unit; which ever is most convenient for you!  This makes it possible for the batteries in the Quingo Ultra to be easily charged of the unit, which is convenient so you don't have to bring the entire scooter inside your home. 

Quingo Ultra Mobility Scooter Battery Storage and Off Vehicle Charging Box 2


The smallest mobility scooter in the Quingo 5-wheel family is the Quingo Ultra. This extremely portable scooter has an aluminum body that is lightweight and portable. Each item is light to lift. The heaviest component weighs only 39 lbs. and has a built-in handle for convenient portability. You can pack the Quingo Ultra into a compact trunk and go in under 60 seconds. You can quickly reassemble your scooter once you arrive at your destination.

Quingo Ultra Mobility Scooter Folded View



The Quingo Ultra has all the advantages of a portable mobility scooter without giving up any of the outstanding 5-wheel mobility and safety. The Ultra gives you more freedom on rough terrain and is excellent for driving both inside and outside. For instance, typical 4-wheel scooters have trouble navigating curbs; you must approach them head-on to prevent tipping.

Quingo Ultra Mobility Scooter

Quingo addresses this issue by including an additional wheel. Because of the system's five wheels, you may securely climb or descend obstacles at an angle. The "Curbmaster" or "Kerbmaster" technology from Quingo stops tipping when negotiating curbs or difficult terrain. When driving over hills, bumps, and dips, the Ultra gives you more control. It can also securely mount 2-inch curbs.



The Ultra is another example of the comfy, completely adjustable seats that Quingo takes pride in producing. With an adjustable seat, handlebars, and footplates, this mobility scooter allows you to maintain excellent posture. To lessen stress on your back, hips, and joints, you can completely change the seat height and depth.

 Quingo Ultra Mobility Scooter Adjustable Seat and Footrests

Then adjust the handlebars so that your shoulders and arms are at the ideal angle. Unlike other portable scooters, this one has much greater legroom. You have complete ergonomic control thanks to the individually adjustable footplates, which will lessen the pressure on your knees and ankles. Long expeditions might be comfortable when your posture is completely under control.

Quingo Ultra Mobility Scooter Benefits & Features:

  • The only mobility scooter line on the market with fully ergonomic posture control and adjustable footplates is the Quingo line, which offers outstanding comfort during even the longest journeys. Quingo's foot-forward design makes it possible to comfortably fit taller passengers and other people who might feel joint stiffness in a portable vehicle that is only 41.5 inches long.
  • An innovative portable mobility scooter with better 5-wheel stability. The first-generation 3-wheel portable mobility scooters are speedy, but they lack the stability of 4-wheel portables. Incomparable stability is provided by QuintellTM technology, a 5-wheel design developed in Britain. This is necessary for negotiating hills and inclines as well as while mounting or descending curbs.
  • Safer curb handling, even at angles. Curbs can present a big obstacle when using a scooter. The only 5-wheel device that can climb and descend curbs at angles up to 45° is the Quingo. Quingo's exclusive Kerbmaster "Curbmaster" has an auto-powered propulsion mechanism that also minimizes tipping and prevents beaching.
  • Thorpe Associates' unbiased analysis found that the Quingo's five wheels are more maneuverable than any other scooter on the market with four wheels of a similar length, providing unmatched agility and a smaller turning circle. This ensures safety while enabling maneuverability in constrained areas like tiny stores and shopping centers.
  • Excellent portability - The overall weight of the heaviest component is only 17.8 kg (or 39 lbs). Your customers will value the product's comfort, performance, and portability, and disassembling and reassembling it takes only a few minutes.



Quingo Ultra Mobility Scooter Specifications

Maximum Speed: 4 mph
Intended Use: Pavement
Kerb Climbing Height Ability: 2 Inches
Travel Range: 2 Batteries 10 miles**  4 Batteries 18 miles**
Type: 5 Wheel PMV*
Weights & Capacities
Maximum Weight Limit: 133 kg/293 lbs
Electric Motor: 250 Watt
Battery Configuration: 4 x 15 amp
Height: 36.61 inch.
Width: 22.84 inch.
Length: 42.13 inch
  • *Personal Mobility Scooter 
  • **23 Travel Range Varies By Terrain, Weight of Rider, and Ambient Temperature

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