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Best Power Wheelchairs With Elevating Seats of 2023

October 13, 2022 5 min read

Best Power Wheelchairs With Elevating Seats of 2023

Anyone who makes use of a wheelchair to move around will benefit from a wheelchair seat lift. Well, what is a wheelchair seat lift you might ask. A seat lift is an enhancement to your wheelchair designed to give you vertical mobility. Basically, allowing your wheelchair to elevate.

If you’ve ever needed to reach a higher shelf in your kitchen or some item on the top shelf while shopping, you will see the value of a wheelchair seat lift. The seat lift basically makes you taller, which is very useful in many situations.

Besides providing access to things higher up, these seat lifts also allow you to engage in conversations on an eye-to-eye level, rather than having to look up to someone who standing while you are seated.

Types Of Wheelchair Seat Lifts

There are 3 types of seat lifts. They all elevate you higher, they just do it in different ways. Let’s take a look at the various options:

Single Post Lifts

These types of wheelchair seat lifts are the most common type available. This type of seat lift is built around the seat itself, supported on a rod that rotates. It is basically a pillar that moves up or down at the touch of a button. The rod spins with the help of an electric motor, raising the wheelchair.

It is a very simple solution with the only drawback is the elevation is limited to a 5-8-inches. This type of seat lift also slightly reduces the battery space, as the seat lift and the battery contend for the same space.

Thus, these types of seats generally use smaller batteries, which in turn limits the driving range.

Scissor Lifts


Scissor lifts are very different from single post lifts as they have a four-corner mounting system, connected to both the seat and the base of the chair. This provides much more stability from the front to the back as well as from side to side.

Due to its stability, scissor lifts have higher elevation, as high as 12-13-inches. They also have a higher weight capacity and are perfect for people who are heavier.

Another advantage of this type of seat lift is that this mounting strategy make better use of full-sized batteries, which in turn provide a better driving range. A scissor seat lift is a good choice if you are looking for elevation plus tilt and recline.

Cantilever Lifts


Cantilever lifts have one thing in common with scissor lifts. They also mount on top of the base, allowing for the use of full-sized batteries. They can support a lift height of approximately 12-inches.

The big difference between the cantilever system and the scissor lift is that apart from providing a vertical lift, a cantilever system also moves forward up to approximately 4.5-inches as it elevates.

This combination of forward and upward movement is very beneficial as it allows the user to rise up and, for instance, check a mailbox that is just out of reach.

1. Merits P301 Gemini Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

The P301 Gemini is a high-performance electric wheelchair that can be upgraded to include an elevating seat, which raises the seat up to 10 inches. It has a weight capacity of 450 pounds; but note

the weight capacity is reduced to 350 pounds when using the elevating seat option.

The seat is 22x22-inches in size and can tilt back, fold down and rotate to the side. The armrests can also be moved outward for greater seating space.

The Gemini P301 is powered by 50Ah batteries with enough power to provide a driving range of 20 miles per single charge. The battery can easily be charged by connecting to the joystick. It also automatically shuts off once full charge is reached.

This chair has a top speed of 5 mph, a turning radius of 21-inches, ground clearance of 4-inches and a climbing gradient of 10-degrees.

2. Merits Vision Super P327 Power Wheelchair

Most Merits Health mid-wheel drive powerchairs are sturdy and can accommodate a large amount of weight. The P327 Vision Super is no exception. This powerchair is a heavy-duty with a reinforced frame and powerful inline motors. It has a weight capacity of 450 pounds and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

It also comes with the power-elevating seat option, which can raise the chair by 10-inches. However, this option is only available for the 20-inch-wide seat. Making use of the elevating seat reduces the weight capacity to 400 pounds.

The captain’s seat is available in 20, 22 and 24-inch widths and can recline. The armrests on this unit can also extend outward for more seating space. The P327 has a very tight turning radius of 20-inches.

It is also equipped with front and rear suspension and large 12-inch pneumatic tires. The P327 has a top speed of 5 mph, a driving range of 15-20 miles per single charge, ground clearance of 2.2-inches and a climbing gradient of 8-degrees.

3. Merits Health P312 Dualer Power Chair

The Merits Health P312 is a dual powerchair, which means that it can be transformed from a front-wheel-drive to a rear-wheel-drive chair and back in a minute. It has a low seat height of 18-inces, giving it incredible stability. 

This model also comes with an elevating seat which can raise the chair by 5-inches. However, the difference here is that this seat comes at no extra cost. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

It comes with two 12V U1 batteries, 10-inch drive wheels and 8-inch caster wheels.

The P312 has a top speed of 5 mph, a turning radius of 21-inch, ground clearance of 2-inch, a driving range of 18 miles per single charge and aclimbing gradient of 12-degrees.

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