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Top Two Person Electric Mobility Scooters Of 2023

August 16, 2022 6 min read

Top Two Person Electric Mobility Scooters Of 2023


Mobility scooters have changed significantly over a short period of time. A couple of years ago a mobility scooter that can carry two people was practically unheard of, but thanks to technology and innovation, loved ones can share space on a two-person mobility scooter.

The two-seater mobility scooter makes it possible for family and friends to enjoy life, have adventures, and engage in quality time together, which they might previously not have been able to due to mobility issues.

There are two variants of two-person mobility scooters currently available on the market. The first type has bench seating, similar to a golf cart seat. The Afiscooter S4, SE and the RMB Quad XL are examples of this type of scooter. The other type of two-person scooter has seating similar to a motorcycle.  The EW-66 is an example of this type of mobility scooter

Why Buy a Two Person Mobility Scooter?

Take A Loved One Along

In the first place you can take a loved one along on your rides, or better, accompany a disabled spouse on their journey to get a bit of fresh air. A child or grandchild can also accompany on outings. The alternative would be to get a mobility scooter for each person, which can be costly. You will also be saving on the costs of maintaining two mobility scooters. This can be a life changer for those suffering from loneliness.

Ride With Your Beloved Pet

As pets are quickly stepping in to help with the loneliness many older and disabled people feel, it is not uncommon to see cats and dogs enjoying a trip on their owner’s powered scooter. While some owners might prefer to put their pets between their legs, this can cause discomfort and minimize legroom. With a two-seater mobility scooter there is enough space for you and your pet, and in some cases even space for two pets, one on either side.

Extra Space

A two-seat mobility scooter can help you feel less claustrophobic if you are a bit on the heavier side, or just want to have enough room to feel less restrained and free. However, this is only possible with side-by-side types of mobility scooters. If you are slightly heavier and would prefer a bariatric mobility scooter, check out our guide on Bariatric Mobility Scooters.

They Are Heavy Duty Scooters

Apart from the fact that they can accommodate two people, these types of mobility scooters are more heavy-duty than a normal mobility scooter. Meaning that everything about these scooters is stronger, sturdier and bigger. They are also manufactured with material that makes them more durable and stable.

These scooters have the following benefits:

- Bigger and sturdier tires

- Stronger scooter frame and seat

- Stronger motor with higher wattage

- Powerful wheel suspensions


1. AFKIM Afiscooter S4

Afikim is well known for producing quality mobility scooters that are strong and sturdy. When it comes to dual seaters you want to have as much stability and extra strength as you can get because of the added weight. The Afiscooter S4 falls within this category as it has a weight capacity of 450 pounds.

People who buy this dual seater version rave about the two seats, but what is even better is that the seats are captain seats. These types of seats are known to be very comfortable as they provide lumbar support to the back when going over bumpy and uneven terrain.

The double seater Afikim Afiscooter S4 is basically the same as the single seater version in design, except for the 33-inch-wide bench seat that can accommodate two people. The seats are interchangeable, adding to the scooter’s versatility.

The Afiscooter S4 uses rear wheel drive and can reach speeds of up to 9.3 mph. Equipped with a 75AMP battery, it can cover a driving range of nearly 30 miles per single charge. This mobility scooter has a weight capacity of 450 pounds, comes with a 1400-watt motor and can incline at 11.3 degrees. It also comes equipped with bright LED headlights for safer riding at night, and full suspension for an enjoyable less bumpy driving experience and has a ground clearance of 5-inches.

2. AFKIM Afiscooter SE

Another very reliable, two-person bench style seat mobility scooter from Afikim, is the Afiscooter SE. Whereas the Afiscooter S4 has two captain seats that are fused together, the SE has one long 33-inch bench that can be converted into a single seater.

Not only is this mobility scooter versatile, it also comes with a unique look borrowed from the motorcycle industry. The seat is orthopedic for added comfort

The Afiscooter SE has a powerful 1300-watt motor, and coupled with a 75Ah battery, it can travel for distances of up to 28 miles on a single charge. In terms of weight capacity, the Afiscooter SE can take a whopping 550 pounds in weight.

Apart from that this mobility scooter comes with full front and rear suspension and well-built big 10-inch front and 14-inch rear wheels, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride over bumpy terrain. The body is made of strong steel able to hold the high weight capacity.

This mobility scooter can reach speeds of up to 9.3 mph and due to its high off the ground wheels has a ground clearance of 5-inches.


3. EWheels EW-66

The EW-66 from EWheels has an impressive weight capacity of 600 pounds, which is the highest of all the two-seater mobility scooters on our list. Thus, one can easily deduce that the EW-66 is more than able to handle the weight of two passengers.

Unlike the SE and S4, which have side-by-side seats, the seats of the EW-66 are placed one behind the other. Unlike the two previous mobility scooters, the seats on the EW-66 are not captain seats. Thus, they might not be as comfortable.

However, one thing about this mobility scooter that is hard to beat is its incredible driving range of 37 miles on a single charge. It comes with a powerful 700-watt motor capable of reaching a maximum speed of 15 mph.

This scooter is equipped with electromagnetic brakes, as well as a speed control dial to prevent unwanted acceleration. It also has a rest-at-ease anti-theft alarm system. There is ample storage on this unit as it comes with a backseat storage compartment as well as a big storage basket on the back.

4. RMB E-Quad XL

The RMB E-Quad XL has the type of design that makes it ideal for places such as hotels, golf courses and resorts. Though it is great for mobility needs it can also be used in industrial environments. This double seated scooter is easy to get in and out of due to its low deck.

The seats can be folded down to a height of 27-inches, in order to store away or to make the E-quad XL more compact. It comes with a powerful 800-watt brushless motor able to carry up to 500 pounds of weight. It is also equipped with heavy duty suspension coupled with gas strut dampers and has a top speed of 15mph.


Are there financing options available?

Yes, most of the mobility scooters in our online store are eligible for financing through our partnership with Klarna, which offers 0% interest rates and great terms for those who qualify! This makes it easy and affordable to get the mobility device that you need to stay independent and connected as you age or deal with a disability.

Whether you need help covering the cost of your initial purchase or simply want to make monthly payments, mobility scooters are accessible for most budgets.

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Abby Haukongo
Abby Haukongo