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12 Best Tzora Scooter Dealers [2024]

February 24, 2024 7 min read

Customers are often concerned about whether the portable mobility solutions they are considering purchasing can be easily folded, lifted, and stored, and whether it will be compatible with their vehicle or home infrastructure.

Fortunately, Tzora Active Systems Ltd has been a leading manufacturer of easy-to-load, lightweight, and folding mobility scooters for over twenty-five years, and Tzora Scooter dealers make these products readily accessible in the USA. Tzora’s user-friendly models can be easily loaded into any car, bus, train, or airplane.

Tzora Scooter Logo

They are also known for their durability, as they are built to withstand frequent loading and unloading without issues. 

Selecting aTzora Scooter dealer that offers personalized guidance and reliable after-sales support is paramount when shopping.

A reputable dealer serves as a crucial link between the manufacturer and the customer, offering valuable insights and personalized guidance to ensure that the selected scooter aligns seamlessly with the user's lifestyle and mobility needs, plus they provide customers with the security of a manufacturer’s warranty. 

12 Best Tzora Scooter Dealers in USA

Below are some of the topTzora scooter dealers to purchase from.

1. Everlasting Mobility – Best Tzora Scooter Dealer

everlasting mobility logo

Everlasting Mobility, also headquartered in Baltimore, MD, rises above the ordinary online mobility solutions landscape. Everlasting Mobility delivers premium products along with unmatched value and service to every customer. A steadfast commitment to excellence, rooted deeply in their operations, sets them apart within the industry, as we’ll explore below.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Everlasting Mobility the staff is dedicated and available daily from 8am to 8pm EST at 1-800-498-2560 to provide support, answer questions, and offer guidance. This showcases their mission to increase confidence and independence among their customers. 

Because Everlasting Mobility is an authorized dealer for all the brands they represent, their customers are eligible for the full manufacturer's warranty on all purchases and every product originates directly from the manufacturers.

Many products also include a one-year labor contract. Everlasting Mobility’s commitment extends beyond the point of sale, so customers can have peace of mind about the durability and reliability of their purchase.

Premium Warranty and Price Matching

Thanks to their direct relationship with brands, Everlasting Mobility eliminates middlemen, which allows them to offer unbeatable prices. Their Price Match Guarantee ensures that IF a customer can find a better deal elsewhere, Everlasting Mobility will happily match it.

Everlasting Mobility transcends the typical online retail experience by offering a direct pipeline to quality, comprehensive warranty coverage, and a customer-centric service philosophy. Coupled with their commitment to authenticity and competitive pricing, Everlasting Mobility stands as a reliableTzora Scooter dealer for anyone seeking a travel mobility solution.

2. Electric Wheelchairs USA

Electric Wheelchairs USA Logo

Electric Wheelchairs USA stands as a premier provider of mobility solutions. They offer a diverse array of options to enrich the lives of those grappling with mobility obstacles, including those that are specially designed for traveling and portability, like Tzora Scooters.

Electric Wheelchairs USA has an unwavering dedication to excellence and ensures that every customer receives top-notch products coupled with comprehensive support and service. They empower people to embrace life with newfound freedom and vitality.

As a certifiedTzora Scooter dealer,each product from Electric Wheelchairs USA originates directly from the manufacturers. This ensures authenticity, top-tier quality, and facilitates trust for their customers.

Electric Wheelchairs USA is also known for delivering incredible customer support, and are available from 8 am to 8 pm EST daily for any inquiries or order placements. They can be contacted by phone at 800-682-9444, by live chat, or by email

Swift dispatch of orders (typically within 1 to 3 business days) characterizes Electric Wheelchairs USA's commitment to prompt service.

They work with reliable couriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, and reputable freight companies, so customers can expect efficient delivery of their Tzora Scooters. In cases of specially ordered or backordered items, they utilize proactive communication to ensure customers are well-informed of potential delays.

Free shipping within the continental USA, along with personalized ordering options over the phone, underscores Electric Wheelchairs USA's commitment to convenience and accessibility.

While primarily operating online, their base in Baltimore, MD, facilitates efficient product distribution across multiple warehouse locations nationwide, ensuring customers have access to a comprehensive selection of mobility solutions.

For those seeking top-tier mobility solutions coupled with exceptional customer care and reliable shipping, Electric Wheelchairs USA stands ready to serve, making mobility accessible and hassle-free for all.

3. Mobility Nest

Mobility Nest is aTzora Scooter dealer that believes in empowering customers with premium mobility solutions tailored to their needs. From mobility scooters and power wheelchairs to  rollators, patient lifts, ramps, and homecare beds, they offer a comprehensive range of products to enhance independence and quality of life.

Their team is committed to providing exceptional customer service, and ensuring that customers receive personalized assistance every step of the way. They offer the convenience of free shipping on all orders and flexible financing options. Plus, with their generous thirty-day return policy, customers can shop with confidence, knowing that their satisfaction is a top priority.

4. Best Power Wheelchair

Discover the best in medical equipment products at Best Power Wheelchair. Their curated collection features top-rated electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, medical beds, vehicle lifts, and more, sourced from leading manufacturers.

They offer products designed to meet a variety of mobility needs with an emphasis on durability, comfort, and ease of use. Enjoy competitive prices on all items. Whether you're looking for a power wheelchair or a medical bed, you can trust Best Power Wheelchair to provide high-quality solutions that enhance mobility and independence.

5. Marc’s Mobility

Since the early 1990s, Marc's Mobility has established itself as a reliable provider of mobility solutions. This family-run business has evolved with the digital age, extending its services across the country via an online platform. They offer free shipping on all medical scooter purchases, allowing their customers to enjoy savings and receive their products swiftly. 

Marc's Mobility is dedicated to delivering high-quality products. This is evident in their meticulous testing and refurbishment process for every item. Plus, warranties are included for extra assurance. With competitive pricing and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Marc's Mobility stands out as a greatTzora Scooter dealer, committed to helping customers find the right mobility aid for their needs.

6. SpinLife – Best for Tzora Scooter Repair

Since its inception over two decades ago, SpinLife has established itself as a reputableTzora Scooter dealer and supplier of mobility aids. They pride themselves on their expert team, dedicated to guiding customers to the perfect mobility product tailored to their needs.

SpinLife stands out for its handpicked range of products, complemented by comprehensive nationwide service and the option of White Glove Delivery for convenience. 

For maintenance and repairs, they offer access to a widespread network of technicians at a flat rate, so maintenance is never a burden.

SpinLife also provides financing options and shares extensive knowledge through “SpinLife University,” to make the journey towards mobility solutions seamless and simple for every customer.

7. Top Mobility

For over ten years, Top Mobility has delivered exceptional mobility solutions and services. They boast a vast selection of more than 1,500 products, which ensures they can find a match for each customer's unique needs and personality. 

Their team, composed of mobility specialists trained directly by manufacturers, offers tailored support and treats every customer as a top priority. Top Mobility is aTzora Scooter dealer that enhances customer confidence by providing full manufacturer warranties on parts and offering extended in-home labor warranties for most brands.

8. Med Mart

Med Mart, started as a small family-owned store in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has evolved into a trusted medical equipment supplier andTzora Scooter dealer over about thirty years.

With a team of over seventy employees and a robust online presence, they offer over 7,000 products to meet diverse mobility needs. They provide personalized service, and strive to help every customer feel valued and important. 

They understand the transformative power of the right medical product, and expanded their online platform to make quality care solutions accessible nationwide.

With flexible payment options and milestone achievements, like becoming a Google Trusted Store and recognition from Newsweek, Med Mart is a greatTzora Scooter dealer to buy from.

9. Mobility Department

Mobility Department is aTzora Scooter dealer that aims to meet customer needs with care and attention. Whether you have questions, need assistance, or require support, their customer service team, led by Matthew, is just a call away.

They strive to make your experience seamless, from browsing to purchase. They take trust seriously and aim to build long-lasting relationships. Above all, Mobility Department wants to help people reclaim their freedom.

10. Go Mobility

Jeff and Eric, the founders of Go Mobility, were inspired by the philosophy of helping others and created the company with one mission: to ensure everyone has the opportunity to go where they want to go and live the lifestyle they deserve.

With a commitment to customer service, discounted prices, and free shipping on every order, Go Mobility is aTzora Scooter dealer that is dedicated to meeting each customer's needs.

11. Qualified Comfort

Qualified Comfort is a dependableTzora Scooter dealer, and aims to provide top-quality lifestyle and home care products that are designed to enhance the overall quality of life for individuals with diverse needs.

Specializing in a wide range of lifestyle products and assistive devices, from wheelchairs to adjustable beds, Qualified Comfort is dedicated to empowering customers to live life to the fullest. 

With a mission focused on delivering reliable, durable, and user-friendly products, backed by exceptional customer service, their compassionate team of experts ensures tailored solutions. With a customer-centric approach, Qualified Comfort is a reliable ally in achieving a more comfortable lifestyle. 

12. WSR – Tzora Scooter Repair AND Tzora Scooter Parts

Although not aTzora Scooter dealer, WSR stands as the premier provider of in-home power wheelchair and mobility scooter repair services across the United States. With a focus on Tzora electric scooters, including their renowned Easy Travel Scooter models, WSR offers nationwide repair, maintenance, and service. Accredited, licensed, and BBB A+ rated, they accept various payment options, including Medicare, private insurance, and financing. 

Their certified technicians are equipped to diagnose and repair all Tzora Scooter models, ensuring top-notch service in all fifty states. From batteries to wheels, WSR handles all aspects of Tzora Scooter repairs with expertise and efficiency.

Most Popular Tzora Scooters

Tzora Mobility Scooters are essential tools in fostering mobility and independence among those facing mobility limitations. Selecting the rightTzora Scooter dealer is crucial for a seamless purchasing process and continued assistance throughout the lifespan of the scooter. It's worth mentioning that not allTzora Scooter dealers stock every model. Explore the most sought-after Tzora Mobility scooters listed below.

Sumanth Jois
Sumanth Jois