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customer on a new iliving scooter

I had just purchase this scooter ,and excited, but will give a reviews on how it stands up to airlines travel . at a later date.

Metro Mobility M1 Portal Mobility Scooter

Metro M-1 Portal Scooter

I received my scooter May1-2023 and was blown away at the way it was built. It was more than I expected. I want to thank Gabby and Kelly and Eric in the Baltimore for all there help. I am very proud to display this too all my friends. Thanks again.Jim


I have a trident HD drive wheelchair already had it for 6 years the new one is awesome the other chair would die out on me I think it had a short in it but my new chair goes all day and still has lots of juice thank you for this wheelchair I only have one leg it's a little hard to get around on the farm we live on but this chair I'll take it anywhere you want to go.

Awesome company

It was such a pleasure dealing with Everlasting Mobility. Each time I called the phone was answered immediately by a real person. They answered all my questions and fulfilled my order ahead of schedule.


Carrier was not able to transport my e scooter and it arrived with a little damage. But overall item works well.

comfy go

Great scooter and fabulous customer service.

Viva scooter

Love it!

An excellent investment in comfortable mobility

About 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I was among the fortunate as it was caught at stage 1! Rare and fortunate! I have now passed 5 years of no return. It left me with diminished breathing capability due to removal of 1/3 of my right lung. I am a consulting engineer who travels everywhere. This left me with a serious problem when it involves big airports, high altitudes or lots of walking. The solution turned out to be the Solax Transformer. What a huge help! I can now travel anywhere or cover any space using this compact, self-folding scooter. The airlines carry it for free and it goes with me everywhere. Disney World (huge) NO PROBLEM. I drive it right to the plane or cruise ship and it is there when I need it. It is one of the best investments with the greatest return in comfortable mobility. Can't recommend it highly enough and their service is excellent and reasonable. Great product!!


Great product I have the Streamer
And have about 100 miles on mine.

Vive Wheelchair

I like the Wheelchair .Just as pictured in advertisement.

Love the EV Rider Gyosy Ultralight!

So easy to bring anywhere...tested it on a trip to New Orleans....drove it right up to the gate...I kept getting stopped to ask where I bought it from the airport to New Orleans. It collapses so easily to put in the 12 year old granddaughters could easily carry it.. Service was excellent!

I like the scooter, but I am dissapointed with the turning radius being over the stated radious of 73 inches , it is more like 120 inches.

All smiles for now

My Mother was happy to see how simple it is to operate.

Works great !

Very pleased Only one bad thing! Both my mirrors were broke when I got it but they are replacing them ! All is well !

Great Scooter at a Great Price

Scooter is great and arrived safely. It will take about 3 weeks or so to receive at this time but worth the wait!


Items were just delivered on 9/29, jdue to COVID. Unpacked and items are great.
Recivied in perfect condition and fully charged, so we rode day after receiving.

Great scooter. Do not recommend this manufacturer.

The ew 18 is an excellent scooter. I live in a major metropolitan area and needed a scooter that could fit into small spaces. I’m 26 (I just unfortunately started having mobility issues early in life) and also wanted something “young” and sporty-looking. This is perfect. I get compliments on it all the time. I ride all the way up and down the local bike path on it and it barely loses battery power.

I would not recommend this for someone with balance issues or someone who could very easily become seriously injured. It becomes a little unstable going over bumps and while turning. It’s nothing I personally can’t handle but it’s good to be aware of.

I do not recommend ewheels as a company. They took like a month to ship the thing with zero updates. It seems didn’t update the dealer either. I have read some pretty scathing reviews of ewheels and apparently many of their scooters don’t take long to break (could be why they only have a 6-month warranty), which makes me very nervous about mine. However, the scooter is working great so far and hopefully it continues to.

Great little ride.

Arrived in a timely manner and it was easy to take out of the box. It's a nice little scooter. It's not made for tall people. It's everything I expected. Would have given it a five but I received a cane holder instead of an oxygen holder. They said they would send it. All in all, a good little scooter.


High quality. Other than length of delivery time it was great. My husband is talking about getting one too.

Tippy top heavy walking

This unit was to replace the lower form rollator in order to be able to walk with a more erect posture.
It is tippy when meeting irregularities in its path. It is difficult to push over any irregular surface. The seat is too narrow.
I will continue its use.

Happy Scooter

Very pleased so far with the scooter. It is light enough that I can take the seat and battery off and load the scooter without breaking it down farther. Makes it much easier.

Just Getting Started

Scooter delivered in timely manner. Easy to assemble. Ordered in anticipation of need for 97 yr. old mom. Did some test runs and it it proves to be durable it is a perfect size for her. It is a small unit so larger people may want to go bigger.


When everything else in the world seems to be on back order during Covid, the exact model we wanted was in stock and shipped. I liked how they were honest and told us not to purchase the assembly package as this model was super easy to assemble. Would highly recommend.


Great to do business with them! I am so happy and secured. I will buy more from them!