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Green Transporter Cheeta Ninja All-Terrain Mobility Scooter

Folding Scooter

Love this product! Easy to maneuver around and fold/unfold.

Smooth transaction and good customer service

I recently purchased the GoBike Forte electric passenger trike so that I can take my special needs son biking with me and so far I am very happy with the purchase. I've only had the trike for a few weeks but I am really impressed with the build quality and features. Before purchasing I did extensive research on other brands and this trike has more premium features and is cheaper than the competitor trikes. The trike was shipped straight from the manufacturer (ComfyGo) and was already assembled but like the other reviewer, I did not include any instructions. I also I had several follow up questions that were not addressed in the electronic product documentation I found online so I called the manufacturer support number and was provided adequate assistance. I'm really looking forward to using this Trike more when we have warmer weather in the Spring but my initial impressions are positive. Below are the main reasons I went with the GoBike Forte trike instead of one of the competitor models. Overall the trike is stable and smooth and it has good power and great brakes. There was a slight delay in the trike being shipped but Everlasting Mobility customer support made things right and upgraded me for free to dual battery model due to the shipping delay and the inconvenience.

1) GoBike has hydraulic disk brakes while most competitors use cheaper and less reliable mechanical brakes

2) GoBike has parking brakes - Most competitors don't have parking brake to allow you to park trike on hills or uneven surface

3) GoBike has Shimano Altus components while most competitors use Shimano Tourney components which are lower grade/quality.

4) GoBike has rear turn signals while most competitor trikes do NOT have turn signals.

5) GoBike has flip up bench seat with zipped storage underneath while most competitors only have an open wire basket under the bench

6) GoBike has USB charging port on display unit while competitor trikes do not have one.

Very pleased with the purchase and follow up questions

bad or worse manual

fast shipping,good packing and friendly people. Tec support NO. Manual didnt cover mulitable battery model. Rear seat made for passengers under 3ft tall or with out feet. Plus is seems to have plenty of power and nice lock, cable and bell

Great Product

Worked flawlessly and incredibly easy to carry around. I well definitely recommend this product

Jazzy Elite HD

Order arrived on time and was fairly easy to put together. I haven’t had any problems with it so far.

The best

This scooter is the best I’ve ever rode every where I go with this scooter every one wants to know where to get one rides good lights up good at nite E Wheels ion well done on this scooter

Great product!

Love this chair... it is just what I needed. Great quality! A little heavier than I expected but manageable!


I live in downtown Chicago. Bought this before I had multiple joint replacements and could barely walk. Though I can walk now I use the scooter to go to parks, museums, shopping-places that are too far to walk and where I walk a lot when I get there like the zoo. I could barely afford it and It’s the best purchase I’ve ever made. I get asked all the time about it. I’m 77 and try to get all my friends to buy one. So many have limited walking. Only problem I’ve had is flat tires. Lots of construction garbage on the sidewalks here. I’ve found a place to service it and fix the tires. I take it in a handicap taxi with a ramp. Happy to answer questions.

Does this unit charger charging at 12v or 24v charging

Thanks, where is the main cut off switch located

Absolutely LOVE IT.

Wish I could get a larger basket.

Green Transporter Cheeta Ninja All-Terrain Mobility Scooter

Love this scooter!

Goldens carryon is everything I expected! Great quality.

Golden Cricket Folding Power Chair

The wheelchair was in perfect condition, easy to fold up, easy to use. I love it!

IQ 9000 review

I absolutely loved this chair, the only reason for a three star review was because it didn’t fit into my car, and the seat wasn’t wide enough for me comfortably. It was very comfortable cushion wise, and the controller worked fabulously!

Love scooter

My sister-in-law loves the scooter. It has opened up a whole new independent world for her.


Love this scooter… easy to lift front to put in van, has great speed, and very sturdy! So glad I bought the carry on.

My new scooter

Just got my new scooter and used it in Walmart for it's size it's really quick and comfortable very easy to maneuver and very easy to assemble and disassemble for transport I like it because it fits right in the back of the car no need for a carrier on the back of the car my poor feet are loveing it


My scooter was easy to assemble, easy to steer , even for a 74 yr old lady with severe arthritis. I could not be happier. now I can finally scoot around my yard and check my plants. You have no idea what a joy it is to get out of my house

Good scooter, needs suspension and larger rear wheels more speed.

Love this scooter

it’s wonderful. i would only change two things…#1 the turning radius sucks and the horn/back up beep is very loud. had to have it professionally fixed. it’s much better now

Great little scooter

Compact, easy to disassemble and reassemble, goes well with good controls.
Overall a great scooter.

AFIKIM Afiscooter C4 All Terrain 4-Wheel Scooter

Four wheeling

Love it. Friends and neighbors drooling all over it. Only reason not five stars is it turns too wide. Very comfortable very quick. Very nice.