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Mobility Scooters With The Best Ground Clearance And Suspension

November 21, 2022 6 min read

Mobility Scooters With The Best Ground Clearance And Suspension

When deciding what type of mobility scooter to purchase, some of the features you might want to look at are whether the scooter has good suspension and its ground clearance. Considering both these features can help you enjoy a smoother ride with less bumps along the way.

Amongst the many mobility scooters with great ground clearance and suspension, are options ranging from two-seaters, all terrain, as well as three and four wheelers.

What Is Ground Clearance?

Ground clearance is the amount of space between the ground and the bottom of the scooter. The measurement is normally taken from the platform where you place your feet although there are mobility scooters where the measurement is taken from where the motor is situated.

Why Would You Need More Ground Clearance?

Having more ground clearance means that you have more space under the scooter to get onto small curbs with minimal effort. If you don’t have enough ground clearance you would need to find a dip in the curb or get off the mobility scooter in order to move it off or onto the sidewalk. With more ground clearance riding is easier. You are able to tackle various terrains whether smooth, hilly or bumpy.

How Much Ground Clearance Is Good Enough?

Some mobility scooters come with ground clearance of about 1-inch, while others have as much as 7-inches and more. In general, most mobility scooters have ground clearance in the range of 1.5 to 4.5 inches. If you are looking for above average, you should probably be looking for numbers that are above 4-inches.

This will give you enough room to easily travel over curbs but also over bigger obstacles such as rocks, so that you don’t need to swerve around them.  Mobility scooters with higher ground clearance are heavy-duty or all terrain, which means that they might also have full suspension.

Advantages Of Suspension   

With suspension you are guaranteed enhanced comfort while riding. Strong suspension also tends to make a mobility scooter more durable and hard-wearing which leads to a prolonged lifespan. Suspension also gives you better control, especially when going over large stones or a curb.

Are All Mobility Scooters Equipped With Suspension?

Suspension is what gives you that smooth ride over bumpy areas. Unfortunately, not all mobility scooters have a suspension system. Though it is a great feature to have, it is not really needed if you are mostly indoors or if you are travelling on paved sidewalks. If you choose a mobility scooter with good ground clearance, you will most likely also have a good suspension system included as part of the package.

1. EV Rider Vita Monster All Terrain Scooter



The Vita Monster by EV Rider is a very popular all-terrain 4-wheel scooter with a 4-inch ground clearance and full suspension. It comes with a very powerful battery, two 12V 75Ah batteries to be exact powered by a 200 Amp S-drive controller.



The tires are air-filled and low-profile, and both the front and rear wheels are 14-inch pneumatics. It also has blade style alloy wheel rims, anti-tip wheels for greater safety and electromagnetic brakes.

This unit is equipped with 2 x 12V 75Ah batteries, has a turning radius of 82 inches, a top speed of 10 mph and a driving range of 22 miles.

2. E-Wheels EW-72 Bariatric 4-Wheel Scooter - 500 lbs


The EW-72 is a bariatric mobility scooter by EWheels with a ground clearance of 6-inches and full suspension. It has a very stylish look and a big 700watt brushless DC motor to support a 500-pound weight capacity.



The EW-72 has powerful drum brakes on every wheel, which gives it better control and stopping power. The shock absorbers provide better stability and a smooth ride. It has big 14-inch front and 16-inch rear tires. With a turning radius of 92 inches, you can maneuver around corners with ease.

It is equipped with a 48V 20Ah battery, and coupled with its strong 700watt motor, the EW-72 gives an impressive 43-mile driving range at a top speed of 15 mph.

3. Merits S941L Silverado Extreme Bariatric Scooter - 450 lbs


The Merits Silverado Extreme is a bariatric mobility scooter with a sporty modern look designed for rugged terrain with a ground clearance of 5.1 inches and full suspension.



 This mobility scooter has an astounding driving range of 55 miles. It comes with shock absorbers in both the front and rear wheels and has extra-large 16-inch pneumatic tires.

With its two extremely powerful 100Ah batteries, this scooter provides a top speed of 9.6 mph, has a weight capacity of 450 pounds and a turning radius of 82.7 inches.

4. AFIKIM Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Scooter


The Afiscooter S4 is an Afikim heavy duty 4-wheel scooter with a ground clearance of 5 inches and smooth superior full suspension. It is a very comfortable scooter made from a shock absorbing steel frame.

With its large 1400watt motor, the Afiscooter S4 can handle a weight of 450 pounds. Due to its shock absorbers, it is very stable and dependable on sidewalks, tough terrain or off-road paths. 

This mobility scooter comes standard with alloy wheels and pneumatic tires and has two 70Amp batteries. It has a turning radius of 90-inches and a driving range of 28 miles.

5. E-Wheels EW-11 Euro 3-Wheel Scooter


The EW-11 from EWheels has a sleek look and a ground clearance of 5 inches, as well as full suspension. It comes with extra functionalities not found on other similar mobility scooters, like a folding footrest to accommodate a second passenger.

The front wheels have a frame suspension fork while the rear wheels have two heavy-duty shock absorbers. Both the front and rear tires are 10x3 inches in size.

The EW-11 has a a driving range of 40 miles, a weight capacity of 400 pounds, and an impressive top speed of 18 mph.

6. AFIKIM Afiscooter S 3-Wheel Scooter

Another outstanding product from Afikim, the Afiscooter S3 is a 3-wheel scooter with a ground clearance of 5 inches and is equipped with full suspension.

It is also built with a shock absorbing frame to give you a smooth ride on an uneven surface. Just like the Afiscooter S4, it also comes with a powerful 1400watt motor and has a weight capacity of 450 pounds.

It has a turning radius of 56 inches, a top speed of 9.3 mph and a driving range of 31 miles.

7. E-Wheels EW-54 4-Wheel Scooter w/Cover & Windshield


The EW-54 from EWheels has a unique look. It comes with a large windscreen and a rooftop cover. It has 5 inches of ground clearance and full suspension. Both front and rear wheels are fitted with shock absorbers.

The EW-54 has a 700watt motor and can carry an impressive 500-pounds in weight. It has 13-inch front and 15-inch rear tires, with a top speed of 15 mph.

The EW-54 has a turning radius of 54 inches and a driving range of 43 miles.

8. AFIKIM Afiscooter SE 3-Wheel Bariatric Scooter 500


The Afiscooter SE from Afikim is a stylish mobility scooter with a ground clearance of 5 inches and good suspension. It has a strong steel chassis that can hold up to 500 pounds in weight.

It comes with large cast aluminum wheels and pneumatic tires. The front tire is 2.75x10 inches while the rear tires are 2.75x12 inches. The Afiscooter SE is also equipped with shock absorbers on all wheels.

It has a turning radius of 45 inches, and a driving range of 28 miles. The top speed varies depending on the type of seater, with 9.3 mph on the single seater and 7.5 mph on the dual seater.

9. E-Wheels EW-66 2 Passenger 3-Wheel Scooter


The EW-66 from EWheels is a beautiful two-seater mobility scooter with a 4.5-inch ground clearance and full suspension. It is equipped with a 700watt motor and has a weight capacity of 600 pounds.

The tires on this unit are 16-inches in size, are tubeless, and are fitted with shocks. The front tires have front fork shocks, and the rear tires have rear shock absorbers. The EW-66 also has a great top speed of 15 mph.

The EW-66 has a turning radius of 50 inches and a driving range of 35 miles.

Financing Available

Are there financing options available?

Yes, most of the mobility scooters in our online store are eligible for financing through our partnership with Klarna, which offers 0% interest rates and great terms for those who qualify! This makes it easy and affordable to get the mobility device that you need to stay independent and connected as you age or deal with a disability.

Whether you need help covering the cost of your initial purchase or simply want to make monthly payments, mobility scooters are accessible for most budgets.

So, if you're looking for an electric scooter or wheelchair that can help you maintain your independence, be sure to explore the financing options available for each model. At the top of each product page, you’ll find a financing button. Simply click on it to learn more and prequalify!

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