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Freerider USA Luggie Super Folding Scooter

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Freerider USA Luggie Super Folding Scooter

The Freerider Luggie Super is the ultimate solution for convenient and reliable transportation. Enjoy a comfortable ride and easily fold it into a suitcase-like form for hassle-free travel on buses, trains, and vacations. It is the third-generation model, continuing the legacy of the previous Luggie scooters with its lightweight, compact, and easily foldable design. Its small size and light weight make the Luggie Super incredibly easy to manage and maneuver, whether you're navigating a crowded street, shopping at the grocery store, or moving through the hallways of your home.


The Luggie Super models boast an even higher carrying capacity than the Elite models, making them ideal for larger individuals in need of a heavy-duty portable scooter. This mobility device is tougher than it appears, despite its compact size, this scooter supports up to 360 pounds and is approved by most airlines. This Luggie folding mobility scooter is the is one the better models you can buy if you want a mobility scooter that will take you where you want to go, and hold a high weight capacity. 


Its innovative design includes several safety features, such as limited speed settings, a battery indicator, and alert systems, providing peace of mind as you travel. The Luggie Super's durable build and easy maneuverability make it a favorite among users and reviewers alike. Many appreciate how effortlessly it folds and fits into a car, eliminating the need for lifts or ramps. With an intelligent braking system and powerful motor, the Luggie Super portable scooter is ready for any adventure.

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The Luggie Super range is particularly made to cater to those who need a heavy-duty portable scooter, combining strength, power, and comfort in a highly functional and reliable package. It features a robust and reinforced frame that provides superior durability and stability. This upgraded frame ensures that the scooter can handle increased weight and provide a sturdy ride, even over rougher terrains.

Equipped with a more powerful and efficient drivetrain, the Super range offers enhanced performance. This heavy-duty drivetrain allows for smoother and more reliable operation, making it easier to navigate inclines and handle various surfaces with ease. 

It features an advanced electromagnetic braking system and a robust 24 Volt DC magnetic motor, this model proves to be much tougher and more reliable than its compact appearance might suggest. The electromagnetic braking system ensures smooth, controlled stops, enhancing both safety and ease of use. This type of braking system is highly responsive and low-maintenance, providing peace of mind and dependable performance in various conditions.

The powerful 24 Volt DC magnetic motor delivers consistent and efficient power, allowing the scooter to handle various terrains and inclines with ease. This motor is designed for durability and long-lasting performance, ensuring that the scooter remains a reliable companion for daily use and travel.

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The scooters in the Super range feature a larger, more comfortable seat specifically designed to accommodate larger users, ensuring a supportive and comfortable ride. The seat's spacious design offers ample room, making it ideal for individuals who need extra space and support.

The added comfort provided by this seat is especially beneficial during extended use, as it helps to reduce fatigue and enhance the overall riding experience.

Additionally, the seat includes a convenient underseat pouch, perfect for storing small and personal items. This discreet storage solution allows you to keep essentials like your phone, wallet, keys, or medications within easy reach, adding to the scooter's practicality and convenience. 

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The tiller on this scooter is adjustable, allowing you to customize its length and angle to achieve the perfect driving position for your comfort and convenience. This adjustability ensures that users of various heights and preferences can find an optimal setup for a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Once folded, the scooter becomes incredibly compact and can easily fit inside your vehicle's trunk, making it highly convenient for storage and transportation. Additionally, the scooter's design allows it to be wheeled behind you like a piece of luggage, thanks to its lightweight construction and integrated wheels. This feature is particularly useful for transporting the scooter through airports, train stations, or other travel hubs, as you can effortlessly pull it along without needing to carry it.

FreeRider USA Luggie Elite Benefits & Features:

  • Completely foldable into a suitcase-like, rolling pack that you never need to carry. This feature also makes it easy to stow away should your health improve, or should you suffer more at colder times of the year.
  • Weight load capacity of up to 360 lbs.
  • A quick charger that supplies a low maintenance lithium battery.
  • Compatible with all forms of public transport; the Luggie really does help you travel farther!
  • Comes with a reverse sound and a horn built in.
  • Has a red LED battery indicator light.
  • Comes with armrests.
  • Maximum speed of 4 MPH, can get up to 11 miles on a charge.
  • This model comes with a three year warranty on the frame, a 1 year warranty on the motor and electronic devices and a 1 year warranty on the batteries.
  • Has extended handlebars and a speed control dial.
  • Small dimensions, when folded, fit in the trunk of your car!
  • Turning Radius: 41in
  • Ground Clearance: 2.5in
  • Seat Width: 17in
  • Scooter Weight [W/O Battery]: 57lbs
  • Front wheels/Rear Wheels: 6in/7in
  • 10.5ah or 16.5ah li-on Battery
FreeRider USA Luggie Elite 4 Wheel Folding Scooter OwnerFreeRider USA Luggie Elkite 4 Wheel Folding Scooter Product Brochure

FreeRider USA Luggie Standard 4 Wheel Folding Scooter Specifications

Weight capacity: 360 lbs
Maximum Speed 4 mph
Scooter Weight 67 lbs
Weight with Battery 72 lbs
Length 39" inches
Width 20.7" inches
Folded Length 28" inches
Folded Width 20.7" inches
Standard Battery 10.5 AH Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Range 11 miles
Battery Charger Luggie Standard Charger
Drive Train 24-volt DC motor, sealed mini-transaxle, rear-wheel drive
Break System Electro-magnetic
Turning Radius 41.34 inches
Front Tires 6" PU Solid Tires
Rear Tires 7" PU Solid Tires

Comparison Chart Of Luggies

Model Name Luggie Classic Luggie Standard Luggie Deluxe Luggie Elite Luggie Super
Weight Capacity 250 lbs. 250 lbs. 250 lbs. 320 lbs. 360 lbs.
Battery Type/ Cap 12 AH Lead Acid 8.5 AH Lithium Ion 10.5 AH Lithium Ion 10.5 AH Lithium Ion 10.5 AH Lithium Ion
Armrest Optional Optional Included Included Included
Seat Height adjustable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reverse alarm N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes
Top Speed 4 mph 4 mph 4 mph 4 mph 4 mph
Range 10 miles 11 miles 14.3 miles 14.3 miles 11 miles
Length 39 in 39 in 39 in 39 in 39 in
Width 18 in 18 inc 18 in 18 in 20.7 in
Front Wheel 2”x7” PU Solid 2”x7” PU Solid 2”x7” PU Solid 2”x7” PU Solid 2”x7” PU Solid
Turning Radius 35.5 in 35.5 in 35.5 in 35.5 in 41.34 in
Ground Clearance 2.5 in 2.5 in 2.5 in 2.5 in 1.06 in
Weight W/ battery 71.36 lbs. 56.9 lbs. 56.9 lbs. 56.9 lbs. 67 lbs.
Seat Width 15 in 15 in 16 in 16 in 18 in
Seat Depth 15 in 15 in 15 in 15 in 18 in
Color Black(unshine) Yellow, Red, Champagne, Blue Red, Champagne Black, Yellow, Red, Blue Black, Yellow, Red, Blue


3 Years Structural Frame: Luggie Scooter, Freerider Healthcare warranties the frame of its Mobility Scooters under normal use for a period of 3 Years (36 months).

1 Year Motor, Transaxle, Brake Assembly, Electrical Components: Luggie Scooter, Inc., Freerider Healthcare warranties the Motor/Transaxle/Brake and Electronics of the Mobility Scooters, under normal use for a period of 1 Year (12 months).

1 Year Lithium Batteries: Luggie Scooter, Inc., Freerider Healthcare warranties the lithium batteries of the Mobility Scooters, under normal use for the period of 1 Year (12 month).

30 Days Limited Warranty on All Plastic Parts: Luggie Scooter Inc., Freerider Healthcare warranties all plastic parts (Tiller Clamp, Chassis Hooks, Trigger, Tiller Lever, etc., Excluding all electrical parts and the motor ) of the Mobility Scooters, under normal use for a period of 30 days.

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